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First Impression: H&M Lip Tints

H&MLIPTINTS Hey y’all,

While browsing H&M the other day I ended up in the cosmetic section (go figure) and came across these Lip Tints. While I was very familiar with these (YouTube made me buy it) I clearly didn’t own any so I bite the bullet and purchased 2. You all know that I am of a deeper complexion and out of the 4 colors that they had only 2 spoke to me and my skin.


Top: Hot Pink Bottom: Orange

The Claim:

“Creamy, semi-matte lip tint. Long-lasting alternative to traditional lipstick. Consistent, easy-to-apply color. 0.4 oz.”

The Real:

H&M has these “Tints” listed as a gloss but that couldn’t be further from the truth. These have a consistency of a lip paint and are just as opaque. In the tube and when first squeezed out for swatching or application they are reminiscent of OCC Lip Tars. They are smooth and glide on well as well as easy to blind. My suggestion is to apply them just like a Lip Tar with a brush it makes blending easier. Now the texture on the lips feels very much like my Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks. Very soft and smooth. The pigmentation is amazing and it leaves a stain behind after wearing it. There isn’t a smell that I can think of or remember at moment.  They also last for a few hours which is a lot to be said about a product that is $4.95. I only saw 4 colors in the store (Bubble Gum Pink, Hot Pink, Orange, and Deep Red) and H&M’s Website only has 3 colors.

The Colors:

Orange-Best described as a true Orange. Not dull, not neon, and not over bearing it’s just a simple and great orange perfect for all skin tones but can be toned down (my preference) with a brown lip liner

Hot Pink-Best described as a true Hot Pink. That boom in your face Hot Pink. The kind that you just do liner on your eyes because this pink is the focus. It’s W.O.C. Friendly and perfect for spring. It is a pink with a bit of a blue undertone.


$4.95 USD


I have none that I can think of.

If you don’t have these you are truly missing out on something lost cost but very good quality. Good lasting power, not sticky, very opaque and dries to a semi-matte finish. What more could you ask for this Spring?

Do you have any of these? If so what are your thoughts on them?


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