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First Impression: M.A.C. Aquatics Collection Peachstock Lipglass


Hey y’all,

I know I’m late with this but I just purchased this item from (I will never purchase from them again). Anywho, lets get right into it.

The Packaging:


It’s absolutely amazing! MAC truly hit the mark with this packaging. When I first started seeing “beauty gurus” with this product on their blog before release I was immediately in love. Between the tealish blue hue and the droplets of water (in 3D might I add) the packaging is just amazing. The tube is a small 0.16 US FL OZ which for a creamsheen is rather small but I get it, it’s LE so this is what we get. This creamsheen also has the signature vanilla scent that all MAC lip products have.

The applicator:


The applicator is a regular dough foot applicator which is soft and allows the product to spread evenly on the lips. Nothing to write home about.

The Texture and Color Pay off:


The texture is very creamy and soft on the lips. It’s not sticky as we know some of the lip products at MAC can be. The color pay off is great is actually comes off opaque but can be sheered out. To be honest I don’t find this color to be to lip friendly for me alone but with liner or maybe as a topper for another lipstick it could be an excellent addition to my collection.


I’m pretty sure I could have passed on this and been just fine but I was sold on the package. My original want was Goddess of the Sea Lipstick but it sold out before I made my mind up to get it.

Price: $16.50 and currently available at Nordstrom, Belk, and Dillards (I believe).

What did you think of this collection? Did you get anything?


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