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LOTD ft. NaNa Coco Gloss in City Girl


Hey loves,

Typically I don’t do this but I have recently fallen in love with this gloss from NaNaCoCo. A few months ago I need a mini haul showcasing these and I honestly put them in my acrylic lip product holder and never thought about them again, until now. Most of us love the idea of having a gloss that’s opaque like a lipstick but smooth like a great lip gloss. I know I do! They are thick and consistency too so if you aren’t a fan of that then steer clear. I’ve found my everything is this gloss and I now want to go out and get more colors. These remind me so much of the MAC Creamsheens but with more opacity. They go on smooth and they are a bit tacky for longevity. Not unnervingly sticky but just enough tack that you know it’s there. They last for a few hours and are sooooo pigmented.  Basically I love them and clearly this turned into a mini review so I’ll move along.



Brand: NaNaCoCo

Name: City Girl

Color: Pinkish Nude

Paired with a Dark Brown Lip Liner (NK Cocoa) this is the perfect pinky nude for my brownskin beauties.

Have you tried these amazing gloss?



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