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June Beauty Faves

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It’s that time again…geez time is simply flying!!

1. Biore’ Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser| Charcoal Cleansers are on the rise and this one is hands down the best I have tried. I have the Michael Todd Cleansers you can read the review here and this one from Walgreen’s for 7.99 is awesome!

2. Bath & Body Works Body Wash|Carried Away-The smell is amazing. It’s perfect for the Spring and Summer! It’s a light sweet scent. It’s perfect for days out because the wind will pick it up and whistle in someone’s nose LOL.

3. Jordana Best Lash Mascara-This is the Jordana’s best kept secret. Who would have thought a mascara that is 2.99 would be awesome. It’s super black, doesn’t clump (on me), gives you length, a little volume, and it doesn’t flake. Once it dries it really waterproof and hard to remove which is a pain but it means it has lasting power.

4. Milk of Magnesia-Now, some of you may be thinking WTH is this for and others are oily girls who live on youtube like me and you know all to well what this is for. I’m a real life oil slick so I need a good mattifier (spelling). This little $3 product sometimes a dollar depending on where you get it is bomb ok! It controls my oil ALL DAY! I have tried a many of primers both drug store and high end and nothing beats this product as a primer. Now I know that it’s not for my face, could break me out (it hasn’t yet) but it truly works. I’m taking suggestions on anything that will combat this oil ALL day.

5. Clairsonic Mia 2|Blue w/ Sensitive Skin Brush-This baby is the new love of my life. Now, I went through hell to get it because of the store I purchased it from but once I finally got it and used it I’m in love. It’s awesome. I have a face cleaning brush that got the job done but it’s no comparison. I love my Mia 2. It deep cleans and leaves my face feeling amazing!

6. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural|Deep Dark-Oh, how do I love the. This has been my BFF since I purchased it. It has the prettiest finish. Doesn’t look cakey and it’s easy to apply. I’m not the biggest fan of the $30 priced tag but it’s worth it especially knowing it will last quite sometime.

7. L.A. Girl Pro Concealer|Toast and Deep Cocoa-These concealers are awesome. Priced at $1.99 to 2.99 and a wide range of colors you can’t beat it. I used Toast for a subtle and awake look under my eyes and Deep Cocoa to spot conceal. They are great concealers with pretty good lasting power.

8. Clinique|Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel-This is a great product for sparse blemishes. I use this at night after my skin care routine for any random or stubborn pimples.

9. Clean & Clear|Dual Action Moisturizer-This oil-free moisturizer is amazing. It’s first oil free but doesn’t dry you out. It also has acne treatment medication in it so it helps with fighting acne as well.

10. NYX Butter Gloss| Creme Brulee is the perfect nude for everyone. It’s nude with a pinky undertone. Perfect to be worn alone or as a top coat on top of a lipstick. It’s great.

What are your favorites for this month. Do you have any of these products?


2 thoughts on “June Beauty Faves

    1. When I first picked them up they weren’t even popular I just saw them in the BSS and grabbed them lol. They are great but they dry really fast and they have to be blended in very well.


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