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Summer Lippies ft. Ruby Kisses Lip Laquers


Hey Beauties,

Been a long time right? I know my apologies…I have been less the motivated and super busy. Today’s post will be on the Ruby Kisses by Kiss New York Lip Lacquers. Now, unless you live under a rock or are totally against makeup that isn’t “high end” then you have see these lippies both on YouTube as well as Instagram. These babies are not just affordable but pleasantly pigmented. What you say girl? Mmmmhmmmm $3.99 so super affordable for the divas tryna save a dime and pigmented for those who want high class pay off with low end prices!


The lippie is encased in hard plastic with a cute little design…not much to it but the color that you see on the outside is the color pay off you get both swatching and lip application.

It comes with the regular dough foot applicator that is very smooth and helps with control with applying the products. These laquers are not drying and hold their glossy look.


L to R

Orange Coral, Purple Berry, & Ladylike Fuchsia

Color Payoff is awesome OK just awesome…they are highly pigmented and very opaque. I can’t comment on the lasting power because I have only swatched them on my lips.

L: Orange Coral alone

R: Orange Coral w/ Jordana CocoLoco Lip Liner


L: Ladylike Fuchsia Alone

R: Ladylike Fuchsia w/Jordana Cabernet


Purple Berry can stand alone



I think these are a great product. They come in a think 12 colors and have a shade for everyone. They can be found at your local BSS and here.

Do you have any of these? What are your thoughts?



9 thoughts on “Summer Lippies ft. Ruby Kisses Lip Laquers

      1. I get soooo wrapped up in other things I forget about my lip product of the day lol. It lasted for about 3 hours I think but I’m constantly licking my lips and rubbing them together. It faded evenly with the only thing being left is was my liner which is still there. I’ve only reapplied once which was just now because I’m about to leave work. They were cheap so I wasn’t expecting much outside of some color pay off.


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