Ready, Set, Gorgeous


Hey beauties,

Just wanted to do a quick and easy show and tell on the new Cover Girl liner Ready, Set, Gorgeous. This foundation could be a hit or a miss for this heat we are facing on the East Coast. If you wanna find out my thoughts on this baby thenLet’s get started!

The Packaging


The packaging is very cute, travel friendly and with easy to use. The colors are very much vibrant and the pink on the plastic bottle set against the foundation shades is very spring/summer friendly. The bottle being plastic is a great addition because it makes it shatter proof.

The Product:

The claim: “Get insta-gorgeous with Ready Set Gorgeous! This liquid foundation’s oil-free formula provides medium coverage to even skin tone and cover imperfections. The result is a flawless, natural look that lasts all day.”

“The built-in powder system fights against shine, pulling oil and sweat AWAY from your face instead of trapping them under your foundation. Pair with the entire instaGLAM collection for a glam look on the go. “

I purchased the darkest shade offered 320 out of the 11 shades that are offered. It’s a darkish deep brown with slightly golden yet red undertones if that makes any sense. Now to be honest I’m pretty sure I can only use this color in the winter months because I’m a little darker right now but that’s cool I don’t like heavy make up anyway. You will find that it blends really easy and sinks right into the skin. It doesn’t come off looking like a mask. See Swatches below for the color.rsgswatches

It blends perfectly into my skin on the hand swatches. It’s a very light weight but buildable coverage. I personally don’t mind my blemishes peaking through. I love the most natural finish I can get. You will see below that it covered some imperfections but, you can still see my skin. Some of you may not like that and prefer a much fuller coverage. Below you will find a close up of my skin AHH it’s a fright and my covered skin with this light weight foundation. rsg3201Full Face Applicationrsg320L: 11:30am natural lighting R: 8:00pm lamp light

I put this foundation to the test. I put it on at about 11:30am and I got home at about 8pm. As you can see it was still light out but my hair is clipped and I was ready to wash the day off my face and chill out. It states that you should be able to wear it all day without getting shiny and while I did get a few good hours with no shine I did get oily a little about 7:30pm. Now, I did not purchase any other products from this line so I set this with my MAC MSFN. As you can see on the right picture the right is reflecting off my forehead as well as my cheeks. I wore this on a day that I spent in Baltimore’s National Harbor and it was 85 degree day and we dined and walked around the harbor. It stood up very well against the heat. I didn’t move, crease, smudge or drip.

The Verdict:

It’s a good foundation for every day light weight wear for the Summer. It does look cakey and it does give you a few hours of wear without touching up. I would recommend a good primer and if you are very dry steer clear it will stick to your dry patches. Super oily girls need a great primer but for $6.99 to 8.99 price tag what can you really expect?

Do you have any product from this line? What are your thoughts? Until next time be fabulous!!


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