Praying for Ferguson


Just wanted to take a moment to speak on the chaos that’s going on in Ferguson, MO. It’s a sad time when we must fear the ones who are here to “protect and serve”. Far to often the Black Community is targeted for simply being well black. It’s just a crying shame. I’m so scared for the youth of today and the generations to follow. I won’t be the one to say that some people deserve to be jailed or what have you for doing something illegal. I do believe in being held accountable for our actions. However, when you are unarmed there is never a need to shoot to kill anyone black, white, blue or green. This young man Michael Brown was weaponless and according to different stories scared for his life yet he was MURDERED in cold blood in the middle of the street. To have someone who is supposed to protect you not only shoot to stop or slow you down but to kill you at close range with multiple shots. It’s just sad. People often wonder why it is that people, mainly the Black Community have little to no respect for the “Boys in Blue” it’s for reason such as this. Far to often our people are killed or harmed by those who are supposed to protect and serve. It’s as if the badge is permission to kill an unarmed person and later say well it happened for this reason or that reason. NO! It needs to stop. Now, with that being said I find it even more tragic that what was supposed to be a peaceful protest turned in to mayhem.  People wake up! While my heart bleeds for this young mans family the way to vent our outrage is not by trashing our own communities. As it stands we still have to live in these quarters in the wake of the aftermath why trash them. What comfort will his family get by someone burning down a gas station, stealing from a Footlocker, or trashing a mom and pop store? What will they get? I know people are angry and by no means am I saying that it’s not alright to be angry however, when does the violence end? It’s bad enough the boys in blue are taking out our people with no consequences, but it worse that our own people are committing genocide against one another everyday in these streets.  I live in a jungle in Baltimore City and it’s a struggle to survive every day. Let your voices be heard but speak in a civilized manner. When does it in? When does the violence stop? When will we realize that looting in our own community solves nothing? It just makes that days to come even harder to bare. It’s sad that this young man is headed for the grave instead of headed for college. I pray that justice is served and this young man can rest in peace. Just stop the violence. In the end no one wins. Just my thought’s on this Monday afternoon. Until next time dolls!


4 thoughts on “Praying for Ferguson

  1. I agree. The looting pissed me off so much and it helps to add to the stereotype that “they” place upon us in those neighborhoods and now instead of having his death marked with peaceful protesting and support to his family, it has become a, “Look at what those N*ggers have gone and done now, messing up their own neighborhood.” That’s all I see being said about this and I wonder how any of those looters feel knowing that they tainted his death, they literally took his death out of the spotlight it needed to be in to get justice for him to show how ignorant people can be. How sad this is and how very disappointing.


    1. It’s just truly a shame. We as people are already looked upon in a bad manner and things like this just adds fuel to a burning fire. I get the logic of “no justice, no peace” but it has to be a better way because at the end of the day there will be no peace because of the manner in which people chose to get justice.


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