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Review: MAC Face & Body Foundation|N9


Hey Beauties,

I’m back again with another review.  While in the mall the other day I landed  in MAC Cosmetics of course. OK, I can’t lie 80% of the reason I went to the mall with my boo was to head into make to get this baby here.




I know this is a oldie on the MAC foundation front but it’s a newbie to me. I’ve been in search of something that is light weight and sheer coverage. Even though I don’t have perfect skin an I’m also oily I was willing to try this anyway. This is everything that I imagined it would be. To be clear it does not cover very much and I’m find with that. Sheer/light coverage lets me know my skin has a little room to breath. I don’t like cake face. Again, even though some may say I “need” full coverage but I think those who feel that way “need” to mind their business. It does have a very light coverage, it’s water based, and feels as if you are wearing nothing. Paired with concealer underneath it covers just enough for my liking. I honestly, didn’t even use concealer and it covered well enough on top of MAC’s Prep & Prime Pen in Peach Luster. It does define your pores so those of you who share my pain with large pores have to use a pore filler. The finish is Satin with a little bit of Dew on top and looks very much like skin. This foundation can act as either base or as a foundation to stand alone depending on your preference. For reference I am a NW 48/50 in MAC products and this product still blended just fine because it’s so light weight.

It comes in a plastic bottle which makes it perfect for travel with no worries for it breaking. It’s like a squeeze bottle with a slim dispenser with a small whole in the top for better control. The foundation is thick enough that you do not have to worry about pouring out to much and it is thin enough that it blends like a dream. It can be applied with a Beauty Blender/Sponge or Flat Top/Rounded Make-Up Brush. See Swatches below.


I tilted my hand a little so you could see that it’s a thin consistency because it’s water based. As you can see it blends well and it’s also said to be water proof which is a plus and it has a dew like finish. Overall, I think it was a great purchase. I set this with my MSFN in Deep Dark and it gives me a natural look that I love.

What are your thoughts on this foundation? Let me know.



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