Fall Must Haves

Sweater Weather Must Haves


Hey lovelies,

Fall is rapidly approaching and with that being said I thought I would share with you all some of my Sweater Weather Must Haves. Now these aren’t beauty products to be clear that will be posted in the near future.

1. Chunky Sweaters-I live on the East Coast and not in the south so I love Sweaters in the Fall time. Every girl needs something to keep her fly and cozy. I love Chunky Sweaters. They are my FAVS!

2. Scarfs-These are the perfect accessories to pull any outfit together. Scarfs are a staple in my clothing collection.

3. Candles-OMG! I can’t even express to you how much I LOVE Candles. To walk in to my home into a warm fall scent gives me life! My favorite fall scent is Autumn Wreath by Yankee Candle. The scent is Phenomenal! It’s extremely warm and so inviting. It’s my fav!

4. Green Tea-I love the warm and fuzzy feeling that I get when sipping tea. It’s a truly amazing feeling. I look forward to being on my couch, sipping on some tea, cuddling in my blanket and binge watching something on Netflix! Who’s with me?

5. Large Mugs-Who can have tea with out a cute oversized mug??

6. Boots-Who doesn’t love boots? I am that girl who loves to buy heels simply to look at them in my closet. I reach for flats or boots before I reach for a heel. I’m looking  forward to breaking out my booties!

7. Facial Oil-Fall for me equates to dry skin. I’m an oil slick all summer long but by mid fall my face is soooo dry. So hydration is so important in the fall time. (my only beauty item in this list)

8. Sunnies- Wearing sunglasses is a year long thing for me. So sunglasses are essential for me in the fall.

What are your Sweater Weather Must Haves?


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