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Rapid Review|Milani Gel Eyeshadows Bella Line


Hey Loves!

So I’m finally back at it and up first is 4 of the 6 Milani Bella Gel Eyeshadows. I know you are probably wondering if I have 6 why am I only showing 4. Well to keep it real with y’all 1 broke (I love it too) it’s Bella Emerald so, I couldn’t get a good picture and the other is Bella Cafe’ which was the first one I purchased and it’s very much used. Now that I have that out the way let’s get into the ones that I snapped pictures of. Wait! Before I get into that let me just say that I hope to turn this style of post into something I do on the regular. I will take a specific item be it beauty or something else and take just a few pictures hopefully just 3 to give you the basis of the product. Alright so seriously lets get to it.



Most of you know, well those of you who aren’t solely high end make up junkie, know that Milani very rarely disappoints with their packaging. I love that their main color of choice is gold. It gives a very expensive feel, to a not so expensive product. Just so you know I LOVE MILANI products. They honestly never disappoint me. I can’t think of one complaint. Be on the look out for my next Milani Haul. Back to my regularly scheduled program. The packaging is simple gold with a flip up top. Small and but not sleek. It is a little chunky but tolerable.


As you can see the pictures about the shadows have a small finger sized dent in the center. While I have no idea what it’s for I find it to be kinda cute. Is that weird? I won’t go into full detail about the line because this is rapid but if anyone wants dull deets let me know and I will be happy to oblige. My camera did an amazing job with picking up the true color of the ones that I am showing and as you can see they are gorge. These are being listed as Gel Shadows because they are smooth, blendable and very pigmented. As usually Milani did not disappoint. All the colors above are Shimmery/Satin like finishes. I don’t have the cases in front of me to give you specs but I will fix it later. The names are dead on with the colors. milanibellaeyeshadows4

Now, as you can see the color pay off is awesome. These were swatched with no primer and with just one swipe. Can you say pigmented. Can you imagine what these would look like on primer and wet? GORGE! That teal is my fave I can just picture that on my tear duct with a fully brown lid. It can give sparkle to any plain look. Life in a little pot!

Do you own any of these shadows? What are your thoughts? Let me know down below!

Until next time BE FABULOUS!!


5 thoughts on “Rapid Review|Milani Gel Eyeshadows Bella Line

    1. Hey hun! I swear swatches make a world of difference. My plain is to gradually collect them all and as I collect them I’ll keep on swatching. Thanks for reading 🙂


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