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First Impression & Review|Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Dress Your Face Palette


Hey lovelies,

I’m back again with a review on this BEAUTIFUL palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Today’s feature is on the Tamanna Dress Your Face for Holiday 2014Palette. So if you are curious about this baby here then keep on reading! Some of you may know that Anastasia has been rocking and rolling lately with pushing out products. A company that originally specialized in brow products has advanced sooo much which is something that I find to be very admirable. I have to be real and say that I didn’t fall into the abyss with the brow products (I own the dip brow in the wrong shade) but I do love their eyeshadows. I missed the Amrezy palette :(, had no interest in the Maya Mia (don’t stone me) so I had to get the Tamanna Dress Your Face. It seemed very similar to the Amrezy with a few differences. It also has some colors similar to the Lavish Palette that released during the holidays last year. I’m soooo excited about what other holiday collection that they will release this year. I think I have rambled enough so let’s get to it!

The Claim:

This collection of versatile shadows constitutes Tamanna’s “must have” shades to achieve her most requested looks on any skin tone. The combination of warm and cool tones combine to create anything from smokey eyes to intricate cut creases, all from a single palette. Specially formulated, high-impact pigments in rich neutrals and shimmering jewel tones go on smoothly and eliminate the need for overbuilding when applying.


I think they hit the mark with this packaging. It’s absolutely beautiful. The colors, the design, and anything in between is just simply beautiful.


The shade selection is awesome too. This baby is perfect for fall with a combination of shimmer (more like satin) finishes and matte finishes. I love the vampy like colors and the pop of blue in the center. You can’t go wrong with a palette like this. The colors were pigmented enough and very easy to blend. The color pay off on some i.e. the black could have been better but it’s deep enough to work. Every black can’t be as black as MUG Corrupt which is said to be the blackest black on the market.


This palette also includes a small brush. Can’t speak on the quality of it but it’s there for anyone who doesn’t have any brushes and it’s not that god awful sponge tip that that comes in the drug store palettes.


Top Row Left to Right

Fresh| Cream Shade with a Peach undertone w/a Matte Finish

Blush| Neutral Beige with a Golden Taupe undertone w/a Shimmery Finish

Venezia| Tealish Blue with what looks like flecks of golden shimmer set in a Shimmery finish

Gilded| Warm Golden Bronze looks a little Taupey to me too set in a Satin Finish

Custom| Brownish Taupe with what looks like a Pinkish undertone (camera does it no justice)

Bottom Row Left to Right

Sangria| Warm Cranberry shade PERFECT for Fall! Set in a Satin Finish

Bengel| Warm Caramel Brown perfect for blending and transitioning set in a Matte Finish

Chocolate| Ttrue Chocolate Brown Shade w/ a Matte Finish

China Rose| Rosey Orange Pinkish shade (lawd that was hard lol) with what appears to be golden reflect w/a Shimmery Finish

Noir| Jet Black could be a little darker but it’s fine w/a Matte Finish

See Swatches Belowabhswatches

I must admit I could have done a better job swatching but what can you do? The swatches are with out powder and every color was dry. I did this so you can see the true pay off and there was only one swipe. I didn’t go heavy by any means. Simply GORGE right?


They love us eye shadow strugglers soooo much that they gave us a guide to GET THE LOOK! If any of you are like me you struggle with shadow placement when trying to figure out what the buck goes where!?! Welp, this was made just for us!


I’m sure you have guessed that I love it. I feel like I never do a review on anything I hate but I need to start because I wanna save you all the trouble of getting something that sucks!

Price: 29.00

Available at: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Ulta in stores (sold out online)


What are your thoughts on this palette? Let me know!

Until next time…BE FABULOUS!


6 thoughts on “First Impression & Review|Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Dress Your Face Palette

  1. I want to cry…I passed on this palette and I have been thinking about it. Thanks for the post and great photo’s. If there are any available, I will treat myself next year, I try to reserve this time of year for everyone else.


    1. Thats exactly how I felt about the Amrezy palette! Thanks for reading. Hopefully she puts out a holiday set like she did with the lavish palette last year. I like to do for others during this time too but I can’t help but to treat me too!


      1. I have Amrezy. It was my most used palette this month. Part of the reason I passed on the Tamanna is because they looked similar but that one color, Venezia…fabulousssss


      2. Everyone loved the Amrezy but when i finally decided to order it was gone. She is putting out individual shadows next month and hopefully Venezia is one of them because it id gorge! Perfect pop of color.


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