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The Simpsonsssss|MAC Grand Pumpkin Lip Glass


Hey lovelies,

As some of you may know the classic primetime cartoon The Simpsons has been pegged the longest running tv show still on air. It recently celebrated 20 years and teamed up with MAC Cosmetics to give us some goodies in celebration of the Simpsons accomplishments. Initially, I didn’t get anything from this limited edition collection but when I saw Grand Pumpkin in stock on Nordstom’s site I jumped on it. Please ignore my picture typo in PUMPKIN!macgrandpumpkin1

I must admit yet again that this color was not my first choice however, I was pleasantly surprised when I received it. I mean let’s me real I’m a brownie and not all of us and by us I mean me, knows how to pull off a true orange but this swatches heavy but is almost nude on the lips. Just to warn you I did not do a lip swatch for this color (sorry) but I did do a hand swatch. I’ll keep it real the main reason I picked this up was because of the packaging. Enough of this yapping lets get in to the breakdown. grandpumpkin3

I love the theme they chose with simple colors and Marge’s infamous blue hair popping out for all of us to see. I just think it’s classic and cute. Something fun to have on my vanity. I am one who believes that all Limited Edition Collections should have super cute packaging because yes, I AM A SUCKER FOR PACKAGING. But, I digress.grandpumkin2


It has the regular dough foot applicator and no that’s not an illusion the tube is super small. It’s a miniscule .16 fl oz but I’m pretty sure I won’t use the whole thing anytime grandpumpkin6soon so I won’t complain too much.  See the swatches below. I figured I would make this short and sweet.Grandpumpkin7

 Did you get anything from this collection? What did you get and what were your thoughts? Let me know down below. Until next time…Be FABULOUS!







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