First Impression|Lorac Pro 2 Palette w/Swatches


Hey lovies,

I know I’m a little late but better late then never right? I finally both got my hands on it as well as took the time to snap pictures of the Lorac Pro 2. Y’all this palette is gorge.org. It’s a beautiful cool tone eye shadow palette. I know ions ago I was supposed to do a post on the Lorac Pro but for one reason or another it never happened. Well, this is my redemption. Let me re-introduce you to the Lorac Pro 2 palette! If you are interested in my thoughts then keep on reading!loracpro2

The Claim:

Go PRO with LORAC PRO Palette 2! The sequel to our original, best-selling PRO Palette and created by celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw, this PRO artistry palette is packed with 8 Shimmer and 8 Matte Eye Shadows in all the cool shades you need to create the hottest looks straight from the Red Carpet. LORAC’s velvety-smooth shadows are infused with soothing botanicals and are ultra-pigmented to perform wet or dry so you can shade, shadow, line and define your eyes, just like a PRO.

I purchased mine from HSN (sold out) and their package had the same $42.00 price tag as Lorac’s site, KohlsUlta, and Zappos however, I received a bonus mascara.  As you can see the box is the same however with the small window that showcases the Behind the Scenes primer. It’s just soooo lights, camera, action I love it! Enough of this rambling, let’s get to it!


As you can see it’s pretty large in size. You get A LOT of product in this tube. It’s honestly not travel friendly at all because it’s huge for a mascara tube. Is that weird that I feel it’s to big for me to want to carry around? I guess it’s not ridiculous but it is huge in comparison to the other mascara’s that I own.  Stay tuned for what I really HATE about this mascara.loracpromascarawand

BOOM! No, that’s not an illusion the wand is actually that big. I guess you can’t have a tube that big with out a wand to go with it? Right?? Who in the SAM HILL has eyeballs or eyelashes that requires a mascara wand that is that big? I mean really who? I’ll wait……I just need to know. Will the person who needs the sized wand for lashes to please stand up! OK, now that my rant is over I will touch on what I actually like about it. It honestly is a good formula. It doesn’t flake and it’s actually a good formula. It does separate my  lashed and catches all of them. I may just have to get disposable wands to us it because I love it that much. Now, that I got that out the way let’s move on to the star of this show…well besides me 🙂



The packaging it the same as the original palette with a simple change in color from Black to Grey. I think the color change is very appropriate because the colors are a lot cooler in this palette.



My camera did a pretty good at picking up the true colors of this palette. It includes some very “unique” colors and I say that because these aren’t colors typically seen in your run of the mill “nude” palettes. Let”s get a little closer to the colors. loracpro2shadows1

These 4 are the shades that “we” would use to highlight or even for the lid and by “we” I mean me because I’m a perfectly browned brownie fresh from the pan. In essence I’m a NW50 to be clear. I may be able to get away with using Light Brown as a buffer color but don’t quote me on that. Buff and Lt. Brown are both Matte while Snow and Beige are “shimmer” shades. loracpro2shadows2Let’s be real here Cool Gray is certainly not a shade you would normally see in a “nude” palette which is another one of the colors that make this palette unique. I love this quad of colors. Such beautiful nudes. I especially love the Rose’ color. It’s gorgeous! It’s a beautiful lid color or even a color to open up the inner tear duct.


This quad is awesome too. Specifically the Navy and Purple. Neither are shades that one would typically find in a “neutralisque” palette. They are both very rich and full of pigmentation. True to the names and easily blendable. While I love Chrome which can be described as a true taupe with shimmer and a Silver which is true to it’s name; Navy and Purple are the real MVP’s in this section.

Every palette should have a Black. It’s pretty much mandatory IMO. Charcoal which is a cool toned gray is just a few shades lighter then Black. It’s not the darkest of colors but I think it’s perfect for day time smokey. The stars in this quad are Jade which is a beautiful emerald green with golden reflects of glitter. Cocoa is a beautiful shade of brown with reddish undertones.  It’s very beautiful. I can see this on my lid blended out light brown. A Simple every day look.


Until next time….BE FABULOUS!


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