L.A. Girl Pro B.B. Cream in Dark|Product Review


Hey my loves,

While browsing the BSS the other day I ran across a display for L.A. Girl Pro B.B. Cream. Now, we all know that I’m okay with the occasional make up splurge but I love a good bargain more then anything. That being said, when I saw the $2.99 price tag I honestly wasn’t expecting much but said WTH and grabbed it along with a few other L.A. Girl products. For the first time ever I went in a BSS and actually spotted the Lip Paints and snatched up 3 of those in the new shades as well. See prior post for my review on the original 6 here. So, like most people I sometimes believe you get what you pay for but every now and again you can find a gem for a small fee. I’ll admit I only used this product once but I was honestly impressed.


The Claim:

HD PRO BB Cream: an all-in-one skin beautifier! This essential new addition to L.A. Girl’s HD PRO series simplifies a basic skin and makeup regimen into a single tube. HD PRO BB Cream primes, moisturizes and enhances skin tone. It can be worn alone for a natural skin finish or under makeup for flawless full coverage.


The packaging is a 1 oz squeeze tube packaging. Very easy to use and gives a lot of control with how much product you push out. lagirlprobbcreamdark3

The hole in the top is small enough that you won’t get a boat load of product when squeezed, but small enough that you get just enough to cover your entire face.


I purchased Dark which is the darkest shade and I’m NW48-NW50 or 9.0 for reference. Its actually a really good color match.


Very light weight, easy to blend and super light coverage. It dried to a satin like finish.


This was applied with nothing on my face but moisturizer and primer. I had not powdered, didn’t do my brows, and there was nothing on my lips. As you can see when blended it literally looks like skin.lagirlprobbcreamleftcheek

This was just one layer and it covered like a dream. It honestly felt like there was nothing on my skin.

lagirlprobbcreamrightcheekIt was very soft and offered a super natural coverage. It’ blurred all my imperfections.

Here’s a picture with flash. lagirlbbcreamwithflash

This is perfect for every day fresh faced make up.


Set and highlighted

It seems to take a long time to dry and it also transfers. When I blended it on my hand there was no transfer but on my face it does. I must say that it is probably because I’m an oil slick because even high end foundation transfers.

Now, let me just say it’s a shame that the website is asking for $7.00 for this product but I was able to get it for $2.99. Why there was a price difference is a mystery to me.



1. Great coverage

2. Lightweight

3. 2.99 or 7.00 depending on where you get it from

4. Easy to blend

5. Photographs well

6. Natural Finish


1. Transfers

2.  Not a lot of product

3. Small color range

Have you seen this product in the store anywhere? What are your thoughts?


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