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Frugal Finds| E.L.F. HD Blush is a Showstopper


Hey boos,

Today’s Frugal Find is E.L.F.’s (Eyes Lips Face) HD Blush in Showstopper and a showstopper it is indeed. I was browsing through Target and of course it was mandatory to head to the make up area. While perusing cosmetic land I came across this lovely blush in the clearance section. At first I was like “OK why is it only $.99 it must really suck” but then I said, “WTH it’s only $.99”. I’ll admit I purchased this product quite sometime ago and had not so much as played with it until a couple days ago. Well, boy  am I glad a did. It’s absolutely gorgeous, especially for the Fall! So with out much more rambling let’s get to it!


Let start with the packaging. As you can see the product is encased in a plastic bottle which makes it great for traveling and you actually get a good amount of product. To let you know in advance a little bit goes a REALLY long way. The color in the bottle appears to be a beautiful shade or purple and who doesn’t love purple. (see swatch below of actual color)


The name is placed on the bottom and it’s honestly the perfect name for this blush.


The bottle comes with a easy to use pump and it gives you the perfect pen tip sized amount when pressed. The consistency of this product is a bit thick but it’s very easy to blend and easy to use. Be warned have a light hand when using it because of EXTREME PIGMENT you can go from Fly to Frowns in 10 seconds flat. If the spout is not cleared out after using the product can get stuck inside and clog the pump. This happened to me and I simply used a hair pin to clear it out and that was that.


Obviously you really don’t get the color you expect to come out however, this is still a beautiful color. The color that comes out is a little more wearable anyhow so I’m pleased. To sum it up, I was very much impressed with this color. As you can see it didn’t skip on me and this was a very light application. It didn’t take much to blend either. Clearly, you don’t want to schlep this on your cheeks but I do believe with very good blending skills and patience this could be a fall essential.

Do you have any of these blushes? What do you think of them?


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