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Show & Tell Rapid Review|L.A. Girl Lip Paints


Hey babies,

Today’s post will be a show and tell piece. I’ve previously reviewed these lip paints in another post which can be read here so I won’t go into full detail today. L.A. Girl Cosmetics previously released 6 of these paints which I reviewed but recently they released another 12 shades. Yes, I said 12. I suppose the original 6 were a such a hit they decided to give us more. I was browsing in the BSS and imagine my surprise when I saw the ENTIRE collection of paints! I have never found these in any store in my area and to top it off they were $2.99 site has them for $4.00 which isn’t bad but still!! AHHHHH yes ma’am 2.99. It seems like the site over charges for everything but praise a higher power for my BSS taking pity on my pockets. Enough rambling let’s get to it.

lagirlglazedlippaints2I picked up just 3 paints in Daring, Seduce, and Tempt. These were honestly the only shades that seemed to be brown girl friendly. Let me make this clear though. I do believe that some other shades can be W.O.C. friendly but I don’t want to have to do that much work honestly. OK, back to it. Clearly, I have a thing for purple lips and I didn’t even realize until I got home that Daring and Seduce are practically the same color but who’s mad? The color payoff is great but they are wet so I would say take your time upon application and use a lip brush whenever possible because it gives you more control. Let’s get into these swatches!


Seduce-Pink w/a purple undertone

Daring- Muted Purple

Tempt- Midnight Plum

Each of these colors can be toned down or you can up the amp as much as you would like. The shades are gorge and in my opinion they scream fall.

Do you have any of the lip paints from L.A. Girl Cosmetics? What are you thoughts? Let me know down below.

Until next time….BE FABULOUS!!


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