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Say Hello to Phoebe|City Color Cosmetics Be Matte Lippies


Hey loves,

Allow me to introduce you to Phoebe. She is a beautiful and matte lipstick perfect for the fall by City Color Cosmetics. She is a beautiful mauvish, pinkish shade of purple. I think it’s an easy color to transition into the fall season. It’s deep enough to be “deemed” a fall lippie and bright enough to still light up your face. Enough rambling let’s get to it!



City Color is a very affordable but good quality make up line. It caters to every skin tone and is available online and I’ve seen it in Five Below, Marshall’s, and Ross as well. They offer a great deal of products for the face, lips, and eyes. They even offer a setting spray! I feel like I’m selling something for them but to be clear I’m not affiliated in any form or fashion. OK. back to the lipstick The lippie in encased in a simple black packaging with a clear plastic cap. It;s not the standard lipstick tube which is something I like. I’ve come to notice that these have a smaller chance of breaking then the average bullet.



You get a what appears to be a little less then the standard amount of product,

citycolorbemattelipstickphoebeI think the name is soooo cute.bemattelipstickswatch

As you can see the color is very pigmented and it blends really easy. It’s very vibrant and wearable for all skin tones. These lipsticks retail for $5.00 and come in a large range of colors. Something for everyone. Get yours here.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have you ever purchased any of these products? What were your thoughts?

Until next time….BE FABULOUS!!!


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