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Show & Tell|MAC Styled in Sepia


Hey y’all,

MAC Cosmetics recently released a line of Matte Lipsticks. While I don’t know if these are permanent or not they are still very much in stock at the moment. This was the first time in alllll the times I’ve ordered from MAC online that I ran into delivery issues. Let me just rant for a second. I go online, place my order, use the next day shipping code, pay and exit. The same day I get an email stating that my order shipped. This was 10/2 by 10/8 I still had not received my lipstick. I reached out to MAC and they were kind enough to resend it and provide free overnight shipping. I believe I didn’t actually receive my lipstick until 10/13. Talk about ANNOYED! Now that I got that out the way let’s get into this lipstick!

I opted to get the nude shade Styled in Sepia simply because as a brown girl it’s super hard to find the perfect nude. I know there are lots of woman of color that swear by Freshbrew but it’s lustre and I wanted a matte nude. That being said I went on ahead and picked this nude with the hope that it would compliment my skintone (NW48-50 for reference) but once I got it on my lips and checked the mirror I was soooo far from impressed. It swatches more on the pinky brownish nude side  on my hand but on my lips it came off taupish to me and not MAC’s Taupe lipstick shade but real taupe. The brown with a gray undertone. Now, I’m not one to buy, try, and return. Crazy right? I guess in my mind I rationalize that if I keep something eventually it will grow on me and magically look better. Sometimes it works out that way, other times I’m not so lucky and honestly it dies in my vanity or I give it away. I’m willing to keep trying this lippie because I honestly want it to work for me. I’ve seen it on a few lips and it was gorge but on mine not so much. Perhaps, I just need to try different lip liners. Maybe, I was just having a bad lip day. Maybe, I’m just crazy who knows but I won’t be giving up on this baby just yet because it looks soooo pretty in the tube. I’ve included a swatch, no not a lip swatch but a swatch none the less.


See how it leans a little pinkish. Momma loves a pinky nude lip so I’m sad it doesn’t come off this color. I’m gonna keep working at this though, MAC lippies aren’t the cheapest so I’m gonna get my moneys worth. I’ll have to because who knows where the receipt is? SMH @ myself. This is officially my first unimpressed post and to be honest I don’t like it but I feel you all should know my thoughts if you care that is. Anyhow, as always thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Did you get any of the lippies from this collection? What were your thoughts?

Until next time…BE FABULOUS!!!


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7 thoughts on “Show & Tell|MAC Styled in Sepia

  1. Did you grow to like it? If not I’d definitely be up for buying it off you! Lemme know girl I’m so annoyed I didn’t get it before it sold out and I’m still pining for it haha


    1. I honestly don’t even think I ever picked it up after that post. I need to look for it O_o. I may be willing to part with it though. I will certainly get back to you though.


      1. I have had no luck with finding the lipstick among others. I’m missing that 3 other lippies and a make up brush…if I ever come across it though Ill be sure to let you know.


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