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Wanna Expert Face? You Need this Brush!


As make up junkies we are always on the hunt for “that brush”! You know that brush that applies our foundation/bb cream/cc cream/tint moisturizer like a dream? That one that makes your face look FLAWLESS!?! You know that one that is heaven on a stick? Wellllll. look no further and nope it’s not a high end brush either. We know that my blog is centered around saving that almighty dollar (most of the time) and this baby right here brought to us by Samantha Chapman’s Real Techniques is only $8.99! Yes ma’am you saw that correctly $8.99. I kinda feel like everyone knows about these brushes but for those of you who don’t; allow me to introduce you to Heaven! 


I’d been hearing the buzz about this brush for quite sometimes and almost purchased it twice before I got it the other day from Kohls. I’m not sure why I never purchased it but it’s here now. It comes in clear packaging that provides a brief description of the brush and a link to the website. expertfacebrush3

The brush has a very chic style to it in my opinion. It’s not a replica of any brushes (besides the dupes oneBay) and I love that it has a flat bottom that allows a person to stand these brushes up in the even you don’t have a brush holder, cup, or the likes available to hold them. One side of the brush has the companies name and the other side has the name of the brush. I own a few of these brushes and they are all excellent quality and this one is not exception.


The brush is very soft to the touch as well as on the face. The bristles are very densely packed and firm but not abrasive like some cheaper face brushes can be. I didn’t find that the brush held on the to much product and like my other Real Techniques brushes it was very easy to clean. I have not experienced in shedding with these brushes either. It can be used to blend out both liquids and creams. I can safely say this was a very smart purchase and I can imagine this will be a holy grail product for me. In a nut shell I highly recommend this brush for anyone who wants a brush that will give you a flawless finish. It was certainly worth the hype that I have heard.

Do you have any of these brushes? What are your thoughts? Let me know down below.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!! Until next time loves….BE FABULOUS!


6 thoughts on “Wanna Expert Face? You Need this Brush!

      1. I agree it’s like you pay the price but some of them shed, fall apart, or apply just like the cheaper brushes. I love Real Techniques because you literally get the best of both worlds. It’s affordable and good quality. I’ve never had any of my brushes by them shed a single hair.


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