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TheBalm Time Balm Concealer|Dark

timebalmconcealerdarkHey loves,

I’m the kinda girl who simply loves a bargain. I live for a sale. Will I pay full price for a product? YES! Do I prefer a sale? YESSSS! Now I’m sure you are now wondering where I’m going with this because what does that have to do with this concealer right? Well, this baby retails for $18.00 and I, yes me TaNia self proclaimed Girl Fabulous purchased this baby for $6.99 and tax free with free shipping! Can you understand now why I feel so good about this purchase?!? Let me just tell y’all that I love! Like when I’m looking for anything (not really make up because they don’t carry much) I always check their first. When I go in a store and see a shoe I want I check 6pm first to be sure they don’t have it because I’m all about saving a dime. So while window shopping as I do regularly I came across this concealer which I had been wanting for a measly little $6.99 I was like oooooh yea lol. I’m gonna stop rambling now and get to it!

The Claim:

Use this uniquely smooth anti-wrinkle concealer all day to cover dark circles and imperfections while protecting your delicate skin from environmental stresses. timeBalm is packed with beneficial ingredients including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Soybean Oil, Panthenol, Linoleic Acid and Phospholipids to help you look absolutely stunning around the clock.

timebalmconcealerAs you can see I picture up the shade Dark. Now, when picking this color I was very much aware that it would not be “dark”. I honestly picked it up for the sole purpose of being an under eye highlight or for my brows (underneath). I feel like these cosmetic companies should take a long hard  look at the shades they are considering to be “dark” because this ain’t it but that’s another story for another day. timebalmdark

It’s a very small and compact pot that stores easy and it’s made out of plastic with a screw off top. It comes with a little sponge in the pot but in real life who’s using that? I mean really who? I suppose it’s the thought that counts.


Clearly it’s nothing dark about this concealer but I’m thinking still that it would be perfect for an under eye highlight. It’s a very creamy consistency and it’s easy to blend. It didn’t offer my very much coverage when testing it however, I did not test it on top of make up and my guess it it would indeed be perfect for a natural highlight. It has a yellow undertone which is perfect for me. I hate a red concealer of any kind and sadly most of the foundations or concealers in my shade have a red undertone. As if a deep skinned person can’t be yellow underneath but I digress. timebalmdark3 It swatches just a bit lighter then it looks in the pot however, with lots of blending, the warmth from fingers and a subtle setting powder this had the potential to be a great highlight. I did use it under my brows and it blended very well. I don’t like super highlight so this is perfect.

Do you have any of these concealers? What are you thoughts?



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