Splurge or Fight the Urge|Battle of the Brands


Hey lovies,

It was requested by one of the lovely bloggers who happens to follow my blog to have these 2 products duke it out! So let’s do this!!!

boxingIn this corner we have Make-up Forever Uplights and in this corner we have Revlon Photo Ready Uplights!

Both products are in Bronze. I always gravitate towards bronze because in my opinion they are always brown girl friendly.

The Claims

Make-up Forever

An oil-free, luminizing gel that highlights the face for an ultra-natural glow.

Revlon Skinlights

The iconic skin illuminator is now better than ever. Banish dullness and even out skin with light capturing crystals and photochromatic pigments for a lit-from-within look.

The Color Selection:

MUF offers 8 Shades|Revlon offers 4 Shades

Product Amount

MUF 16.5ml|Revlon 1 fl oz (30ml)


MUF $29.00|Revlon 9.99 to 12.99

The Packaging


As you can see MUF has a pump and everyone loves a pump. Revlon has a squeeze bottle. Both for lack of proper words applicators make dispensing products easy and allows a good amount of control. Both packages are plastic just 2 different forms. MUF has a better look in my opinion but that’s part of what you pay for.

Now on to the colors.

MUF Sparkling Golden Copper|Revlon Bronze Light

MUF is described as a gel while Revlon has the thickness of a bb cream if that makes since. Both are very light weight also.


As you can see Revlon is alot thinner in consistency because the drop is dripping a little more the the MUF that is staying in place and did not move at all. battleofthebrands4

Revlon is deeper in color and looks to have a little glitter or perhaps a little sheen and the MUF appears to be packed with glitter. These are pretty heavy swatches but for pictures sake I thought that was necessary.


Finally we get to see them blended. As you can see Revlon gave a very natural sheen. It would give the perfect glow from with in. This is perfect to mix in your foundation or bb cream to give you a luminous and healthy glow. I love it.

The MUF one gives off a nice sheen and it is perfect for a BAM in your face highlight. It’s gorge honestly. Pretty bold and I’m sure when the sun hits this HUNNI can you say SNATCHED!?!

The Verdict:

Do you Splurge or fight the Urge?

For me I would fight the urge! While I love the MUF illuminator I’m honestly  more of a natural make up girl. I prefer a glow instead of a highlight if that makes sense. I’m big on saving a buck but sometimes I believe in a treat but this isn’t one that’s worth it. I do love them both and I’m happy to have them both in my collection but I gravitate more to the Revlon because of it’s natural subtlety.

I hope this helped and you enjoyed this! Thanks Miss Kellee for the request!!

Until next time loves…BE FABULOUS!!


9 thoughts on “Splurge or Fight the Urge|Battle of the Brands

    1. I know you love higher end. I have a love for both sad for my pockets lol. The MUF last a full day but to me it kinda sat on top of the skin. The Revlon wore well for me also but it looked natural and kinda melted in.

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