Random Rant|Dear Mr. Mailman


Wellllllll let me take a moment to vent my frustrations. I’m so past the point of sick of the USPS in my area. My  mail man is chronically incompetent. In my mind he has one job, to deliver the mail. That is all. I’m sure he may have other duties but, that’s not now nor has it ever been my concern. Simply put I don’t care that it’s cold, he has lots of mail to deliver, or that he may be overworked. I feel like at the very least you can do what you are paid to do. Here’s the back story. I ordered a package from ULTA (first time) and I was soooo excited about blogging my purchases. Well first issue was it was supposed to come on Saturday but because of some problems at UPS the date was moved. Ok, fine! I can understand that things happen. Well, my post office finally received it  on Sunday which should have meant I would get it on Monday or Tuesday. Well by Wednesday I had not seen it and happened to track it and saw that it was delivered 9:28 am on Wednesday morning. Bare in mind that I work all week and so does my fiance with exception of Thursday.

Well, on Thursday morning I called the post office and spoke to the “supervisor” who all but told me her mail carrier left it outside and it wasn’t much of anything they could do. At this point I am both astounded and pissed at the same damn time. I could here the carrier in the background saying to her “well I left it outside by the door because she (me) told me to”. Sir, I’m pretty sure I have never spoken to you about leaving my items outside of my apartment building. As a postal worker it is your responsibility to insure that packages are received in good condition and when you say you “delivered” it. To be clear I don’t believe for one second that he even brought the box to my house. Previously I ordered a packaged that was marked at “delivered” at 8 in the morning meanwhile, he had not even left the post office yet. Miraculously, my item ended up back at the post office (because it never left) and was delivered another day.

I’m honestly and truly disgusted with the postal employees in my area. To add salt to the already painful wound the “supervisor” told me that basically if they don’t find it then it’s a loss! HOW DARE YOU!?! Which one of you will reimburse my $30.00. To be clear I know it’s not a lot of money and honestly it’s the principle! How could you part your lips to tell me that I’m out of luck when you were the last person with it!?! I’m in for a long battle for $30.00 but I’m gonna keep going until someone does something because it’s ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to make arrangements for my items to come to my job, or to a family members home because I don’t trust the USPS in my area. It’s just a shame. You have a good damn government job with all the bells and whistles and you can’t even do it properly. I swear I don’t ask for much short of expecting my items to come in one piece,  when it’s supposed to, and not disappear.

I’m just so pissed off I really don’t know what to do. Have you ever had these kinds of issues with your post office? What did you do? I’m willing to take suggestions and advice because I’m ready to blow a gasket. The people who personally know me, know that I’m typically a very nice person until I have to be a pit bull in a skirt! Let me know your experiences good or bad in the comments.




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