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Style Segment|Transitioning to Natural


Hey beauties,

Well I recently decided to transition my hair back to its natural state. I didn’t initially intend to take this journey, it kinda just happened. In a nutshell over the the summer I got my hair braided and haven’t had a relaxer since. No, that’s a lie. I did put a relaxer then but it literally did nothing for me. The blow dryer and my flat iron is what gave me this look. 


So from that point on I just haven’t relaxed since. Now that you have the back story I thought it was fitting to share with you 3 styles that can help with transitioning because it is tough!

Option 1| Poetic Justice (Box) Braids



Braids are easy to maintain and give you room to play around with style.

Option 2|High Bun/Top Knot with braiding hair


High Bun with a small Pompadour in the front.

IMG_2883Top Knot (A VERY bare faced me @ work lol)

This is a simply style. If you can pull your hair up into a ponytail big or small, you can make this style happen. Plus it’s super cheap!

Option 3|Perm Rods


Perm Rods are simple easy to do and even easier to maintain. I simple moisturize and put a satin bonnet on prior to bed. It’s the easiest hair style I have ever had to maintain.

How was your transition or did you big chop? Are you natural or relaxed?



4 thoughts on “Style Segment|Transitioning to Natural

  1. My transition was smooth only because I only would get relaxers every 6 months. One day I just stopped. For years I would flat iron my hair. But as you know for the last 9 months or so I’ve been twisting out. Braiding. Perm rodding. High bunning. And high puffing on alone. It’s been 9 years since my last relaxer.


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