25 Days of Christmas · D.I.Y.

25 Days of Christmas|Day 1 Cocoa on the Go


Hey loves,

In light of the holiday season I thought and by I, I mean a good friend recommending a series of 25 Days of Christmas. A way to make shopping for our loved ones a little bit easier and the pressure on our pockets a little bit lighter! I can’t promise everything will be cheap and I can’t promise it will all be beauty related but I can promise that there will be great thought involved. So lets get to it!I’ll start it off with DIY Stocking Stuffers!

While browsing Pintrest, I came across what I thought would be a great gift to stuff a stocking or simply to show appreciation to those who play a smaller part in our lives i.e. the mailman, teacher, school bus driver and the likes. diystockingstufferNow, I wish I could take credit for this cute little baby but I can’t. Find the info to give someone Cocoa on the go right here!


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