Tag You’re It……

This or thatThe Beauty+ Extra Edition!

Hey Lovies,

I was tagged by the beautiful Tiffany of The Doll Mob  (please check out her blog she is amazing) to do this tag and I thought it would be fun so here it goes.


How does it work?

Tag posts are a great way to get to know and interact with your subbies, and vice versa… & every writer can benefit from getting to know their audience . You’re also having fun while recognizing and some what promoting your favorite followers by tagging them and providing links!


This or That Tag Rules:

1) State who tagged  you(provide link) Answer all the questions

2) Select one ‘This or That’ question for all your subbies to answer

3) Tag 4 people to answer ALL the this or that questions on their blogs(provide links)…

They say you really get to know people when they’re put in tight situations. Today’s “This or That” is going to do just that!

I’m going to do mine in reverse order and tag my dolls first…..I am naturally curious to know about the ladies who interact with me most. I tag:



1) Blush or Bronzer?

  • Blush to be honest I haven’t found a bronzer that impresses me yet drugstore or high end

2)Eyeliner or Mascara?

  • OMG just kill me now lol. Eyeliner because I can always pop on some falsies!!

3)Foundation or Concealer?

  • Concealer because with that who needs foundation???

4)Lipgloss or Lipstick?

  • Lipstick because they come in soooooo many formulas

5)Neutral or color Shadow?

  • I’m a simple girl at hear so Neutral it is.

6) Sponges or Brushes?

  • Brushes I don’t even own an official beauty blender I can’t really miss something I never had #kanyeshrugs


7)OPI or China Glaze?

  • China Glaze in my opinion they honestly and truly last longer to me. I love love love OPI but really China Glaze is my jam!

8)Acrylic or Natural?

  • Acrylic my real nails just won’t grow possible because I bite them (don’t judge me)

9) Long or Short?

  • Short easier to manage

10)Brights, Darks, or Neutrals?

  • I sho do love my dark shades….vampy, wine, deep, dark, black yes ma’am sign me up! Lincoln Park After Dark is my staple color!


11)Perfumes or Mists?

  • I’ve recently fallin’ in love with perfume!

12)Lotion or Body Butter?

  • Body Butter because my skin is soooooooo dry and I need to be anti grey all day!

13)Body Wash or Soap?

  • Body wash is only right. I can’t remember the last time I purchased any soap.

14) Wax or Shave?

  • Shave because I can’t be a bit of a hairy beast and that’s to much hair to be snatching out my follicles at one time. SOMEONE PLEASE CALL 911


15)Jeans or Joggers?

  • Jeans I’ve honestly not found any joggers that look BOOM BOOM POW on me

16)Skirts or Dresses?

  • Can I say both?? No? OK, I guess Dresses preferably skater style!

17)Stripes or Checkers?

  • Stripes they hide all the fiddle in the middle.

18)Flip Flops or Sandals?

  • Sandals

19) Boots or Stilettos ?

  • Y’all just aren’t going to make this easy are ya?? Ummmm Stiletto’s


20) Curly or Straight?

  • I’m loving my Curly puff right now.

21)Long or Short?

  • Short hair don’t care (even though I’m growing it out I miss my short do)

22)Bun or Ponytail?

  • Who doesn’t love a bun…so sleek!

23) Light or Dark?

  • Dark with some high lights 🙂

24)Hair Spray or Gel?

  • Hair spray….hmmm yea no gimme some ampro


25)Rain or Shine?

  • Rain when I want to sleep Shine when I’m off work O_o

26) Summer or Winter?

  • Summer I hate to be hot but I hate to be cold even more…the DMV have some brutal winters not as bad as the north but bad enough

27)Autumn or Spring?

  • Autumn I LOVE Fall Fashion

28)Chocolate or Vanilla?

  • Vanilla

29)Fashion or Beauty?

  • Really dude? Really? Just Really??? Hmmmm if I must I’ll say fashion because I’m a beauty with or with out the paint!

30) Leather or Sequins

  • Sexy Leather chile!

Which would you choose??

I look forward to reading the This or That’s from my dolls!!



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