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Tip Tuesday|How to Revive Dried Mascara


Hey loves,

Have you ever been faced with the dreadful realization that your favorite mascara has dried up? UGHHH FML! You know that mascara that gets your lashes perfectly full or long. That mascara that you splurged on and gave MAC, Benefit, Too Faced and Tarte your hard earned greenbacks. Or hell, that awesome drugstore mascara that you don’t feel like going to repurchase! Wellllllll, I have a tip for you! If you want to know how to bring you favorite mascara back to life them keep on reading!!


Credit: Anne Marie Mitchell for the photo inspiration

All you need to make this happen is Eyedrops/Contact Lens Solution and you mascara. Just a few drops, give the bottle a shake and BOOM! There you have it. I hope this helped someone and even if you already knew thanks for reading!

Until next time….BE FABULOUS!!!


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