25 Days of Christmas · D.I.Y.

25 Days of Christmas|Day 4 DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub


Hey beauties,

It’s cold outside so our lips, of course are going to catch a beating and no one wants to kiss chap lips under the mistletoe right? We also don’t want to be giving out holiday hugs with rough hands right? Well, I have the perfect solution for you! It’s the gift that keeps right on giving all  year long. So if you wanna see this cute little stocking stuffer that will keep your lips mistletoe ready, and hands hug/hand shake friendly then, just keep on reading.

LIPSCRUBCredit: MommyMusing.com

I found this to be a super cute idea and have full intentions to try this one out for myself. You can get all the info to make this baby here. I wish I could take credit but I can’t. She gives you step by step directions to make this happen! Will you follow along and make one? I sure will. Until next time….Be Fabulous!!


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