25 Days of Christmas|Day 5 Give the Gift of Clean


Hey lovies,

Today’s feature is certainly a gift that everyone who is in your presence can benefit from. We all want to be fresh and clean right? Not just for the holidays but EVERY DAY! Wanna show someone how much you truly love them? Give the gift of Clean. Wanna know what clean products we are giving our loved ones? Then keep on reading!

soapngloryI present to you Soap & Glory’s Full Clean Ahead gift set! This is the perfect set to give someone because you can get clean and  moisturized as well as keep your hands nice and soft.

What’s included:

– 8.4 oz Clean On Me™ Shower Gel
– 6.7 oz The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter
– 1.69 oz Hand Food™ Hand Cream
– Carrying case

You get full sized bottles and save $10. This is a $35 value for $25. I think I’ll be purchasing this set for someone. Not sure who yet but someone will get this. It’s such a great deal and the hand food is amazing! Hope this helped you get one step closer to completing your Christmas list.


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