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First Impression/Review|Cover Girl Queen CC Cream in Sheer Espresso


Hey loves,

I recently did a haul on some new drugstore goodies and one of them I was sooooo excited to chat about. As a brown girl it can be very difficult to find foundations/BB & CC Creams in a shade that is both deep enough and matched my undertone. So, while cruising Walgreens I saw that the Covergirl Queen Collection released some CC Creams. I’m sure you can guess that I did “The Dougie” in my head.


After collecting myself I grabbed a few other things and was on my way. If you want the deets on this new gem from the Queen Collection then hit the button and keep on reading.


The Claim:

This lightweight CC Cream for dark skin tones provides a flawless, natural look while caring for your skin. Its unique hydrating ingredients leave skin feeling moisturized, but it’s oil free, so no greasy after feel. Even skin tone and won’t clog pores? Yes please.


I picked up the shade Q640 Sheer Espresso which is the darkest shade they offered. The bottle is plastic which makes it very travel friendly since breaking it will more then likely not happen. It’s very small which means you can just toss it in your purse and go. I absolutely LOVE the color scheme. It’s so pretty! They did a great job with packaging. You get 1.0oz of product which, I believe is the standard amount. I like that it’s in a squeeze tube as well because it gives you more control. covergirlqueencccreamapplicator

Here you can see the small whole where the product is released from. You can also see that they offer a window in the front of the bottle to allow you to see what shade is in side. Of course that’s not the biggest help but it is indeed helpful.

The Product:


This is the color prior to blending. It’s a very warm shade of brown that melts in to you skin upon application. On my hand it seemed to go from cream to powder. The consistency is kinda thick but isn’t heavy on the skin at all. It blends like a dream and truly doesn’t even out the skin tone (see below). It’s not full coverage or anything close to it but in my opinion it’s perfect for every day wear for those of us who don’t care much for a full face. It can also serve as a base to wear under foundation. covergirlqueencccreamblended

Do you see how it just disappeared. Now, just like with just about everything there are pros and cons. While I don’t have many cons I do have one. On my hand it seems to dry all the way down to a powder finish but, on my face it held on to an almost sticky feel when I touched my face. It wasn’t anything that I couldn’t over look but it was still a factor.

The Verdict

I wore it well with no oil break through with exception of my eye lids (nothing keeps them oil free) for about 6 hours before washing my face. I was only around the house, however I was in constant motion as I was cleaning and putting together a small desk. There was no oil nor did I get shiny and I failed to mention that I didn’t set it with anything. It matched my skin tone perfectly and for reference I am an NW50 in MAC. It blended in well with the a Beauty Blender and my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I will say the coverage was a bit sheerer with the sponge but I’m sure that’s because it was damp and that’s the purpose. The best part was I experienced little to no transfer at all. I did a paper towel and finger test. I pressed my finger in to my skin and nothing came off and I pressed a white paper towel to my skin and got minimal and I’m talking I had to squint to see it minimal transfer. I’m honestly pleased. I’m glad I purchased this.

The Break Down


  • Wears well
  • Little to no transfer
  • Affordable $8.99 price tag
  • Brown Girl Friendly
  • Blends well
  • Travel Friendly
  • Light Weight
  • Oil Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Fragrance Free


  • Kinda sticky on the skin once it sets
  • Only available in 6 shades

I found this at my local Walgreens or you can purchase it from here.

Have you seen this product in your local drugstore? What are your thoughts on BB/CC Creams? Let me know below!

Thanks for reading and until next time…BE FABULOUS!



4 thoughts on “First Impression/Review|Cover Girl Queen CC Cream in Sheer Espresso

  1. So I saw these at Walgreens along with the lip glosses. I was so excited I took a picture on Instagram! I ended up getting the lip gloss in crushed berries (it is so sheer womp,womp, my lips are very pigmented so that’s probably why) I decided to skip on the cc cream because I thought they looked too light or too neutral but if I can find them again I’ll pick one up since we are both Mac NW 50 hopefully it will match me! I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush too and it’s a dream at blending liquids, I love that brush!


  2. I’m a Latina, I tried the cc cream and I have to say, I loved it! I haven’t been able to ever find a product that does not open my pores until now. It makes my skin look healthy and matches perfectly to my skin tone. I highly recommend it!!! Extremely happy


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