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First Glance| New Milani Fierce Foiled Eye Liner


Hey loves,

I just love it when companies bring out a boat load of new products at the same time and of course Milani Cosmetics was right on time. They recently released quiet a bit of new products including lipsticks, blush, eyeshadows and this beautiful eyeliner pictured above. It’s honestly like something I have never seen and if you want the deets, then sit back, relax, and click that button to keep on reading!


The Claim:

This is so new, it’s hopping right off the Milan runway and into your makeup bag. A truly next-level eyeliner, it gets its richness from a black base that blasts the luminosity, creating a shiny, shimmery special effect that lights up your eyes. Blackened jewel tones with a foil finish, these can be used for lining or a full-on lid look. And there are two great ways to play these blendable beauties: For a “classic cat” look, extend the color just past the lashline. For a “smoldering smoky” vibe, gently blend upward from the lashline to the crease. Available in four chic shades – Black Gold Foil, Brown Foil, Purple Foil and Navy Foil – with a custom pro brush that deposits color exactly where you want it. Glow for it.

When I saw this in the store all I could think was hmmm this looks interesting. It’s black with little flecks of gold. My first thought was I could really love this and picked up all 4 colors. My rational side kicked in and said “you have no clue if this product is work the $8 price tag ($6.99 online) so I put back all but 1. I settle on the black because I felt it was the most versatile.  As usual, Milani didn’t disappointment with packaging. I love anything gold. It also, came with a brush however, I’m pretty sure I will never use it.



It’s a very small pot that’s light weight and packed with product. It’s small enough to fit into any make up bag for on the go touch ups. I love that the top is clear so you can see the product inside.


The back of course shows the name and number of the product. blackfoilupclose My camera did a pretty good job picking up the flecks of gold glitter. It’s not at all gritty like some glittered filled products are. It swatches very smooth and almost has a mousse like texture. It reminds me of the texture of the Colour Pop shadows but a bit thicker since, after all it is a gel. It can take on the job of being a liner, a base, or as a stand alone shadow. I can’t say whether or not it will crease on you but nothing beats a try right? Upon swatching I realized that it leans more green which I’m honestly ok with because it is beautiful. blackfoilswatches

The side with no flash you can clearly see the gold mixed, as well as the green like tint. It’s almost duo-chrome to me. The right flash side it appears a lot blacker. It’s beautiful either way. I have to play with them a bit to give a review on longevity and whether it creases or not. I wanted to give you my “First Glance” thoughts on this product since it’s hot off the conveyor belt. Get yours here!

Have you seen any of the new Milani products in the stores? If so, what have you picked up?

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time….BE FABULOUS!


6 thoughts on “First Glance| New Milani Fierce Foiled Eye Liner

    1. I love Milani! I think they are one of the best drugstore brands out. The packaging and the products are on point. They are the sister company to Jordana and those products are just as good.


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