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First Impression: BH Cosmetics|Dark Rose Palette


Hey loves,

I’m back for another review. I was browsing BH Cosmetics and say this baby and said “Let’s get ourselves a treat”. Well all know that BH Cosmetics is one of the best but inexpensive online stores available. At least, IMO. I usually have a very great experience with the products I have purchased. This palette isn’t brand spanking new but it is indeed new to me which is what matters lol. The design on the palette is honestly what caught my eye. The font is beautiful and I love the sugar skull design.  The color scheme is amazing. I think the designer did a great job, Enough rambling let’s get to it.


The back per usual offers a description of the palette, the ingredients, as well as the expiration date. It’s pretty large in size has a bit of weight to it. It’s about the size of a childrens books. bhcosmeticsopen

I’m a really big fan of the quote that  was placed on the inner flap. There is also a plastic film on the inside to avoid getting the shadows all over the flap of the palette.

Delicate to daring, day to night—create your desired look with this versatile palette of twelve eye shadows, three blush shades and black liquid liner. From captivating mattes to enchanting shimmers, the possibilities are endless. Featuring a range of complimentary warm and cool-toned shades that are universally flattering for every skin tone. Everything you need to create a complete eye look is at your fingertips with this all-in-one palette.
Features & Benefits:
  • Create Multiple Looks with this Versatile Palette

  • Comes with a BH Liquid Eye Liner and 3 Blushes

  • Highly Pigmented

  • Flatters All Skin Tones

  • Includes a Combination of Cool and Warm Shades

What’s included:

12 Shadows (Satin, Shimmer, and Matte)

3 Blushes (Satin, Shimmer, and Matte)

Black Liquid Eyeliner

The look of this product is very well put together and I love that it comes with an awesome and VERY BLACK Liquid Liner. I’m a bit of a dodo and forgot to take a picture of the liner but it’s extremely black, dries to a shiney finish, water proof (tested, and long wearing.


The colors are so beautiful. I love that it;s a mix of cool and warm and something suitable for everyones skin tone. It’s perfect for creating day, night, fun, romantic, and sultry looks. All very beautiful colors. It’s wonderful that they included blushes that I will get to later on in the post. Let’s take a moment and just enjoy these babies because they are beautiful colors. *MOMENT OF SILENCE* Carry on now….Let’s get to these swatches.



As you can see the shadows have pretty good pigmentation. I can’t complain a bit and I can honestly say a primer underneath the would just make them that much better. I’m not really sure what I was expecting but it met the mark for me. For the price paid I’m not even mad. The shimmer shades would turn into the perfect, vibrant, and beautiful metallic like finish if applied wet.

Now, these blushes…not so much. The pink shade in the center in the most decent of them all. Now, I have 2 BH Cosmetics blush palettes and I’m honestly not not impressed by any stretch. They just aren’t pigmented enough for me. I’m a deep skin beauty so I need more than just a wash of color. I may be able to work with the center shade but that’s it. I think these would be perfect or lighter skin.

Overall, I think this is a product worth purchasing. It’s currently on sale for $7.95. That’s a steal, IMO! I give it 4 stars because the blushes didn’t work on me :/.


What are your thoughts of BH Cosmetics? Do you have this product or any of the other palettes they offer? Let’s chat about it down below!

Until next time….BE FABULOUS!!



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