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January Favs 2015


Hey beauties,

I haven’t been loving much lately in terms of make up because I have been letting my skin breath. Not to mention, I haven’t been anywhere short of work and home. I’ve honestly only been loving 2 make up products and that’s blush and foundation. On the occasion that I do put on a face it’s very fresh with simple foundation, nude/pinky gloss, mascara, concealer, light brow fill and blush.  Now that I got that out the way lets get to it….1. Yankee Candle|Autumn Wreath-I’m sure you’re thinking “ok why is she still holding on to this autumn candle” well the best answer I have is it’s my fav. I burn it all year long. They were 50% off so I loaded up. It’s a very warm and inviting scent.

2. Pink Oil Moisturizer-Can we talk about it? Yes, I went all the way old school ok. This is one of my go to hair products. I will hand down this warning though. It does a great job moisturizing but I use this sparingly because it can be heavy.

3. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24|Shade 540 Suede W-This foundation is AWESOME! It has a great shade selection (Thanks Lupita) and the formula is great! It lasted in the Bahamas heat. Didn’t smudge, transfer, stayed matte, and it’s light weight. I just love it. Best $45 spent.

4. La Femme Blush|Russet (my fav)-These blushes are the beauty worlds best kept secret. They are highly pigmented, good lasting power, and between $2.95 & $3.50. They are so inexpensive it’s a shame. There is a HUGH variety of colors. Something for everyone’s complexion. Stop what you are doing and order some NOW!

5. Simple 24HR Day/Night Cream-Pretty light weight, non-scented, and hydrating. I caught this baby on clearance  for $2 retail is $12.49.

6. Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream|Amber Blush-I absolutely love these. They are so hydrating and leave the skin smelling great and super soft. My fiance loves these!

7. MAC Mineralized Charge Water-When I first purchased this I got it just to see what the hype was. Once I got it I realized, it’s amazing! It hydrates, takes away the powdery look and makes your skin glow. I love to use this as a finishing spray especially in the winter months because it truly does make your skin look healthy.

8.  Boots Botanics Cleaning Toner|All Bright-This has hands down been my go to toner since I purchased it. It’s not drying at all, deep clears your face and is sooo light weight and non-sticky. I just love it. It was a random purchase that I’m very glad I made.  I can’t say it brightens but I can say it cleans.

9. Lady Gaga Perfume|Fame-I sprintz and it was love at first smell. I honestly and so deep in love with both the smell and the bottle. I’m not a Gaga fan by any stretch but I give credit where it’s due. I love this scent. It goes so well with my chemistry. It’s a very sexy and adult smell. Not light but not heavy. It’s not sweet either it’s very sultry. I just love it!

Honorary Mention

Ugg_3161_Blk_LGIt’s been sooooo cold on the East Coast that I had to mention my favorite Uggs. I love my sparkle uggs, so comfy yet super cute. Perfect pop for your outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What have you been loving lately? Let’s chat about it below!

Thanks for reading and until next time….BE FABULOUS!


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