Bump Watch


Hey loves,

I wanted to give you a glimpse into my world. I’m currently 6 months (26 weeks) pregnant. At the time of the photo I was 22 weeks but my belly isn’t much bigger. I’m having a baby boy and King Kai as his dad likes to call him is growing every day. For my 30th birthday (picture taken on my dirty 30) I got a got the best gift of all, my little bundle. He was actually my Christmas present too as he was conceived a few days prior to Christmas. He is the light of my life and he isn’t even here yet. That picture to me just exudes happiness. I have never felt so complete in my life. Moving forward, I want to share with you baby hauls, shower planning experience, and to keep the bump watch going. That is if I get a good response. Keep a watch for the bump. I didn’t expect a baby to ever happen for me but look what God did #wonthedoit!

Until next times…..BE FABULOUS!



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