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Summer Essentials 2015


Hey love bugs!

Did y’all miss me? I know, I know I have totally slacked this year. In my defense this bun in the oven has been literally kicking my tail. I wanted to share with you all my Summer Essentials for 2015. I don’t think much has changed since last year but I do realize that I am more concerned with “safeguarding” my body from the sun. Yes, even as black woman we must use SPF. That being said lets get to it.

*DISCLAIMER* This post is wordy..sorry!

1. Sunnies: This is pretty much self explanatory. We all need to have some fly sun blockers!

2. Lip Gloss: I used the Maybelline Color Elixirs for picture purposes but any gloss will do from YSL, Tom Ford & Dior and down to the Maybelline, Rimmel and Wet n Wild. The Color Elixirs are actually great. They have a light weight formula and they feel great on the lips.

3. Body Wash: Listen, it’s officially Summer and while body wash is essential all year long, it’s even more important when it’s hot. No one wants to be the smelly person at work, ok? We are all too old for that type of foolishness. I love the Carried Away sent from B & BW (currently on sale for $4 since they changed the bottle). It’s perfect for Spring and Summer. I also use one from Soap and Glory which is awesome.

4. Liquid Lipsticks/Stains: Now, unless you are living under a rock you know that liquid lipsticks are the wave of the future. I love the Sephora Cream Lip Stains. They have great lasting power and aren’t too drying on the lips. They aren’t too expensive either with a $13 price tag.

5. Moisturizer: My little guy has made me a bit more dry in some areas of my face so I use a dry skin cream to combat this. I have recently fallen in love with the Pond’s Dry Skin Cream. It’s inexpensive and gets the job done.

6. Smashbox Primer Water: Now, I know there is loads of post about this being a dupe for MAC’s Charge Water due to the ingredients but I don’t find this to be the case. They seem to provide a different results. Primer Water seems to refresh and hydrate and the charge water makes me look greasy *kanye shrugs*. Anywho, I actually like it but I won’t repurchase because well $32 ain’t it. They do provide a 1oz bottle for $15.

7. Primer: I have fallen in love with the MUF Smoothing Primer. It’s gives a great finish and provides a smooth canvas for make up application. Let’s be honest my skin isn’t the greatest, I have lumps, bumps, and caves OK! This is great for making it smoothing and filling in pores. I have a small one because these aren’t cheap either.  The small one is $16.

8. Bug Spray: Momma don’t like no bugs! It’s very important to avoid bug bites, for me it is anyway. I hate the constant scratching and the marks that are sometimes left behind. I use Off Bug Repellent. The scent doesn’t linger and it has a pretty good track record of working.

9. Perfume: For the summer days I try to lean towards a lighter, airy, and sweet scent. You can use whatever you like and honestly I only have a bunch of samples of Prada Candy because it’s pricy but I love the smell on me. Plus the bottle is pretty sooooooo.

10. Ped Egg Power: Listen to me! If you don’t try anything else on this list RUN to your nearest Wal-Mart and pick this gem up. It will give you the smoothest feet ever and let’s face it smooth feet are important all year but are on blast in the Summer. It’s inexpensive and will do the job that the nail techs do.

11. Sun Screen (Face): Even as black woman we have to use sun block. It’s imperative! I am testing out the TarteGuard and so far it’s just ok. Blends pretty good and is light weight. I have not tried this under make up though. Any brand safe for your face will do.

12. Hydrating Primer: As previously stated I have been a bit dryer lately. I have fallen in love with the Too Faced Hangover Rx. It has ingredients that are great for the skin and it smells amazing.

13. Moisturizing Mist: I love the idea of just being able to spray my body down with a moisturizer and go. It’s simple and easy. Vaseline has one but I use the store brand and it works just the same. Does a good job of fighting the ash and it only takes a few minutes.

14. Body Misting Sun Block: I’m lazy so a spray can of sunblock is right up my alley. Literally just spray and go. I use the Neutrogena one and I’m pretty sure it was because they were on sale and I’m cheap lol. They get the job done though. I have no complaints at all about this brand.

15.  Illuminator: Who doesn’t want to glow? I love this Revlon Photo Lights. They give a glow from within look. They can be mixed with your foundation on blended on top to make you glow.

16. Illuminating Foundation: I love the L’oreal True Match Lumi. It’s perfect for that summer glow. I mix mine with MAC’s Oil Control Lotion to combat oil production and that basically makes it a tinted moisturizer. It’s light weight and fabulous!

17. BB/CC Creams: The one posted above, LA Girl Pro BB Cream was reviewed by me and can be found here and it’s a lovely light weight coverage that sets to a satin finish. It’s great for summer but has to be set. These are nothing more then a tinted moisturizer to me honestly but I love them anyway.

18. MAC Face & Body Foundation: This foundation is perfect for summer. It has a very sheer coverage that allows your skin to breath and still be seen. I love it for all year but especially for Summer because of the thin consistency and it’s very easy to blend. See my full review here.

Wooo, that was long. I know forgive me! What are your summer essentials? Let me know below!




4 thoughts on “Summer Essentials 2015

      1. I know how you feel, I wear the second to last shade (Golden Deep) in the collection. We look pretty close in complexion if you ever wanted to give Bare Minerals a try again.


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