Random Rant: Preggo Brain??

preggobrainHey loves,

I’m sitting here intensely looking high and low for my pen. Yes, my pen. I am so content on using just this one pen and to be clear it’s very basic BIC pen but it writes so well and while at work I use it all day. You all should see me. I’m looking on the floor, under the keyboard, in my drawer, and under paper for this pen. All the while it’s right in my hand. Foolish right? This my dears is my life since being pregnant lol. Yes, ladies I have what one would refer to as “preggo brain”. I swear I feel like this baby is eating my brain lol. While I love my little soccer player enough to share my brain with him lawd knows I’m getting dumber by the day.

Ladies, have any of you ever experienced this? I’ve read that people experience this but I didn’t think I would be this dumb. I can’t remember the simplest things. I can remember going to the Enchanted Forest at 5 years or so but can’t seem to find my sunglasses on top of my head. This can’t be LIFE! Will I stop being done after my prince is born?? Share your preggo stories below. I would love to know what others went through.

Until next time….BE FAB!!


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