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First Look|Cargo Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow


Hey lovies,

I know, I know, I know your girl fell off so bad! What can I say besides stuff happens. I have missed my blog a great deal but in all honesty, I’ve been exhausted. My little meatball is wearing my out. I won’t make any promises that I am back in full effect but I will certainly try to put some content up a bit more frequently. I have been shopping and want to share somethings I purchased. Moving along, a few weeks ago Macy’s had an awesome sale on beauty products. I will forever regret not getting the ABH’s Cream Contour Kit while it was on sale for $25 but, you live and you learn. I did manage to get a couple things 2 of which we are about to get in to. I’ve had products from Cargo Cosmetics before however, it was a blush that I’m sure I gave away and something else that I can’t remember right now. 

While browsing the sale section I saw that the Cargo Single Eyeshadows were on sale for a meager $6 with a retail value of $16 and I was like YES PLEASE! Let me grab some of these like, right now! I also purchased a blush too but can’t remember what I did with it. Preggo brain live and in full effect. Ok, so back to my shadows. Quite a few of them were sold out or simply didn’t fit my fancy. I did however, snatch up 2 so let’s get to it.

cargoeyeshadow2You get 3.5grams of product in each pot and I picked up Aegean which is described as a “Turquoise Shimmer” and Columbia which is described as a “Chocolate Matte Brown”. When choosing these colors I felt like Aegean would be perfect for a pop of color on the lower lash line or in the inner tear duct, especially for the summer but honestly it could move right in to the fall…YOLO! I picked up Columbia simply because you can never have enough deep matte brown eyeshadow. Perfect for a brown smokey eye, the smoke out the lower lash line, the deepen the outer V or if wet possibly to be a liner.


As you can see the packaging is a very durable, aluminum tin and the top is not screw on. You just simply pull it off or push it back on. The logo is visibly placed on the top and the back shows the name of the shadow and all the expiration date. Yes, contrary to popular belief makeup does expire.


Look at these gorgeous colors! Aren’t they just a dream? Yes I know!

Columbia leans more cooler to me however, I’m not the best at deciphering the difference between what’s warm, cool, or neutral DJM. It’s a wonderful color with great pigmentation that swatched nice and rich with full on color. I can imagine using both of these at the same time. The brown all over the lid and the blue in my tear duct!

Aegean reminds me of a beautiful shade of blue that I have from Coastal Scents called Blue Hawaiian. It’s a very lovely and wearable shade of blue. I wouldn’t put this on my full lid however, I would use this to make my brown eyes pop.


Beautiful right? Columbia is so rich and packs a powerful punch and Aegean is the perfect amount of shimmer without because to glittery or chunky. They both swatched really well and had great pay off.

Overall I’m pretty impressed. As soon as I find the blush I will review that as well but these shadows are worth the $16 even though I only paid $6 :)!


I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know if you have used any products from this company!

Until next time…BE FABULOUS!


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