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First Look|Sephora Genius Gel Concealer


Hey loves,

I decided I wanted to try out a new concealer for under my eyes. Not something overly bright or even expensive. I needed light weight but decent coverage as well. When I saw that Sephora created a concealer, of course I felt it was only right that I try it out. 

With a retail price of $14, I felt like it was a great product to try and see if it was worth the bucks. People swear by the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and the Naked Skin Concealer but with the prices of both products being over $25 I haven’t invested in either. I can’t compare this product to those products for that reason.

The Claim:

What it is:
A lightweight, gel-serum concealer—featuring brightening properties and a unique applicator—that’s perfect for the sensitive undereye area.

What it does:
Ideal for undereye use, this gel-serum concealer with 21 percent pigment is feather light and never settles into fine lines. It is infused with pineapple ceramide, which helps to improve skin texture and promote brightness. The formula is buildable in color and coverage without adding texture due to the high level of pigments. The unique domed applicator acts like a cotton swab to provide the perfect amount of product every time. Just dip, dot, and blend.

It has a very wide range of colors and it should literally be something for everyone. I’m clearly a chocolate kiss and it’s shades available that appear to be darker then me.

The applicator:

sephoraconcealer2It comes with a very easy to apply dough foot applicator. It is very smooth easy to blend with fingers, brush, or beauty blender. The formula is smooth and does cake. It does crease just as any other concealer will but setting it will of course help. It’s super light weight with fairly decent coverage. I chose the shade Dulce De Leche which in the swatch photos you will see if close to the skin tone of my hand but perfect for under eye to give me a subtle highlight. I’m not one for super bright under eyes. It about a shade lighter then my complexion.


As you can see on the blended side you can barely see it on ,my hand. It’s quite visible at first swatch and this is with just one swipe. It’s perfect for me and it serves it’s purpose. I’m quite pleased with this product. I can’t complain. For a fraction of the cost for the popular under eye concealers, it’s done exactly what I needed it to do. There are some drug store products that do well under eyes but I wanted to try something different. Don’t sleep on the Sephora Brand products. People tend to by pass the Sephora brand products but not me honey!



I hope you enjoyed this First Look and if you have tried it out please let me know below!!

Until next time…….BE FABULOUS!


15 thoughts on “First Look|Sephora Genius Gel Concealer

    1. I must agree…I just picked up a few things from their line this week that I plan to review. I swear by their cream lip stains…I’m sad they got rid of the nude one 😩😩 thanks for reading


      1. Which cream lipstains? the shorter fat tubes whose name I can’t think of lol… I love those. I’ll have to try their concealer for under the eye. Right now I use a drug store brand, Black Opal which sells colors suited for darker women but I’m up for trying new ones


      2. Black opal is an awesome brand! I want to try their foundation stick for contouring. The tubes are short but they aren’t fat. These are the ones I’m talking about
        Hopefully that link works. I have one of their matte lip something’s I think it’s the ones you are referring to and I too can’t remember the name lol.


      3. Black Opals Suede stick is AWESOME!! I use it everyday!! Those are the lip stains that are horrible on my dry lips yet I keep trying lol😆😯


      4. I keep trying to remember to stop at the store and pick up that shade but my brain never remembers when I’m near rite aid or on Walmart. Grab the elf lip exfoliator, scrub those lips, throw on a light layer of lip balm and try them that way. I had issues too until I followed those steps. I do the same with all liquid lipsticks because they were all a struggle for me.


      5. I’ve used a lip exfoliater from TARGET by Shay Moisture which was pretty good but it’s like 10 dollars and then I tried the elf brand but it was too rough so i have my routine… It’s like can we women just have it easy!!


      6. The elf one is harsh but I love it for that reason 😳. It’s too much like right for us to have it easy. Between beautiful pain and Mother Nature it kinda sucks a little to be a woman 😒😂😂.

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