Blogmas|Sephora Rewards

sephora_rewardcardHey babies,

Fresh off the VIB/VIB Rouge 20% off sale, followed by the Black Friday $10 sale and Cyber Monday Sale, Sephora is giving us more goodies in the tune of $15-$25  off your $50 or more purchase. Now, this picture only speaks on whats available for the VIB Rouge ($564.00 more to go before I make the Red Gang) however, there are goodies for all of us.

  • Beauty Insiders: $15 off $50+ purchase, redeem reward card 12/2-12/13
  • VIB: $20 off $50+ purchase, redeem reward card 12/2-12/14
  • VIB Rouges: $25 off $50+ purchase, redeem reward card 12/2-12/14

You should have already received an email with you code or received your card by mail. I personally have both the email and the mail which I found while cleaning up O_o. I’m pretty sure the boy brought the mail in that day and kept that gem from me by accident on purpose lol.

If you have not received either of them as of today please contact 1-877-737-4672. Reps are available 6am to 9pm PST Monday-Friday and 8am to 7pm Saturday-Sunday to help you check your current status. This is a once time use only card. This card can be used on-line as well as in stores (JC Penny Sephora included). Check your email and snail mail to see if you got your and get to shopping!

Happy Holidays!!


4 thoughts on “Blogmas|Sephora Rewards

  1. I’m only VIB and I think I’ll stay at that level.. to think of spending $1000 min to get Rouge is a little overwhelming.. I was already SO surprised when I reached VIB!


    1. I’m honest;y being delusional lol. It took me 2 years to make VIB so I’m pretty sure I won’t be giving Sephora 564 by December of next year. Have you used your reward yet? Also, thanks for reading 🙂

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      1. I don’t intend to become VIB Rouge, lol one of my financial goals! I haven’t used my reward yet but I am running out of bronzer….


      2. It’s just not enough make up that I want to make it to that goal but a girl can dream lol. Well this is the perfect time to get it. I barely ever go through anything. I have a box of unopened stuff to review and yet I just placed an order smh. This coming from a person who barely wears anything other then chap stick O_o.


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