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Blogmas|Give the Gift of Colors


Source: BH Cosmetics

Hey there,

Not everyone is our loves are certified make up junkies like we are. Some folks are just starting out and on a budget (like me) and BH Cosmetics is the place to start. Just about every girl starting in make up, started out with a large palette like the one pictured above. We all love our 88 Palettes. I’m pretty sure I have had a couple of these when I first started my collection. I have sense passed them on to others but they are a great bargain. You have a wide range of colors to work with and honestly looking at this palette is making me want to order it. The colors are beautiful! Especially the warmer shades on the right side. That bright orange on the bottom row 4th from the right is screaming my name but, I’m going to practice self control and leave it where it is. Anywho, these are very bargain friendly and you can have them for a nice amount of time. It’s perfect to start out with. Priced at $11.00, someone would be happy to have this baby. I know I would! You can get yours here.

Hope this helped….HAPPY SHOPPING!



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