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Wanted: Betty Lou a.k.a the Bronzing Bandit|TheBalm Cosmetics


Hey babes,

I have a whole box of items that require attention so forgive me if I start to overload you. As a woman of color, it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect highlight that will allow us to shine without looking ashy. I tend to lean towards bronzish or golden highlighters. Even though, I do have Becca’s Opal in my collection, I rarely even reach for it.  About 2 months ago, TheBalm was on Hautelook again, and I managed to snag this beauty for $12. With a retail price of $24, I couldn’t resist. Now, I love Hautelook for the deals that they provide however the shipping takes nearly a month. I’m surprised I received my latest order before Christmas. Anywho, meet Betty Lou is a beautiful highlighter/bronzer/shadow. The deepness of your skintone will determine the main function of this beauty for you.

With my beautifully deep brown skin, this can and will only be used as a highlighter or shadow. I will admit that this would be great on the eyes. I will show you just how beautiful this baby is below in an arm swatch. Maybe, I can throw in a subtle New Years Eve look with this on both the cheek and eyes ;). Let’s get into these pictures.


I think the compact and box are both so cute. Betty Lou has been charged! Charged with being fabulous! She has been finger printed and she also has a mug shot lol. TheBalm is known for pushing the limits with the packaging.


Tell me this isn’t the cutest thing LOL. Her mug shot is on FLEEK! I hate that word to be clear. The compact is sturdy, snaps closed to make it safe for traveling, and it also includes a great mirror. Now, I know most of you have already seen this a million times but just consider this a million +1. I just love it!


Isn’t she purdy :). It’s a lovely bronze shade with golden undertones. It’s not shimmer packed or glitter packed like some highlights. This can give you the glow from with in look or the wet look depending upon how it is applied. I’m a fan of thin fan brush application or a small duo fiber brush. I also, spritz my brush with some form of liquid (Fix+, Smashbox Primer Water, or hell H2o) and it applies beautifully. It gave me a subtle glow. I don’t like to look like a disco ball but if you like it, I love it. Judgement free zone!


This is an up close swatch with no type of primer. Just product swiped on top of my ashy, bare skin. Yes, I was quite grey that day lol. This is a heavy swatch to be clear. I wanted you to be able to see it. This lets me know that it can be built up in terms of vibrant it can be. In hindsight, I should have done a light swatch too. I wore this on a recent trip to the mall and was impressed with how well it held up. I wish I had enough sense to have taken a picture that day but I didn’t. Charge it to me head and not my heart.


I had on my make up from about 10am or so until about 8:30pm. When I say nothing faded, I mean NOTHING. My foundation, highlight, blush and everything else on my face aside from my lipgloss held up all day.  I am thoroughly impressed with this highlighter. I’m even more impressed with the fact that I purchased it for $12. It’s beautiful and perfect woman of color. If you are a deep beauty and can’t seem to find a highlighter that will make you shine bright like a diamond, this one is for it. It’s subtle and beautiful.



This is worth the splurge. You can get yours here, here, (on sale) or here. If you have any of theBalm’s loumanizers in your collection, tell me your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time….BE FABULOUS!


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