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BH Cosmetics Pink Perfection Blush Palette


Hey loves,

I know that Breast Cancer month has come and gone but I felt like this palette deserved to be acknowledged. Any company that puts out a product specifically designed to give 100% of the proceeds to a Cancer foundation gets an A in my book. Anywho, BH Cosmetics is one of the companies that I always gravitate towards because they put out quality products at a very affordable rate. The palette caught my eye because it’s pink first and second it’s just blushes and at the time of purchase it was $3.00. It also came with a small kabuki brush that I have no idea where it is, no judgement. Enough rambling lets get in to this palette.


The palette is made of sturdy cardboard. It includes a magnetic closure and a plastic sheet that is detachable to avoid a mess. The blushes are average in size and as include 4 shades. They aren’t all woman of color friendly but I didn’t mind because I’m OK with contributing to the cause. I love how they included the ribbon and put a cut little spin on it. Now for an up close look at the colors.


Aren’t these colors beautiful? Shades of Pink to Save the Tatas. Let’s get into these swatches.

bhcblushswatchesIn the picture withe no flash the colors appear to be powdery but they are truly well pigmented and a good texture. They applied pretty even and faded evenly as well. I used the bottom right with a stipple brush and it gave me a subtle blush look. With a light hand and heavy blending, this worked pretty well on my deep skin. I wish I could say that this palette was still available for sale but it’s not. They didn’t restock. However, I felt like this good deed deserved some spotlight.

Thanks for joining me, until next time…BE FABULOUS!


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