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NYX HD Blush|Double Dare


Hey loves,

A good friend of mine was gracious enough to gift me this lovely blush from NYX. I had been eyeing the HD Blush formula that was released by NYX however, they do not carry them in my area. She purchased this for one day and passed it right on and I happily excepted it. I know, I know it looks scary in the pan but trust me, it’s beautiful when blended out especially on deep skin tones. If you didn’t know, orange is one of the most complimentary colors in blush for woman of color. It goes will with the deepness of our skin tone without being over powering.  I’m rambling so let’s move on.


The back of the blush compact is pretty straight forward. It shows ingredients, name of the blush Double Dare, life span 6 months, and the fact that it’s cruelty free. Pretty basic stuff. Let’s get into this swatch.


Now, on the left is a heavily swatched stripe of orange. Looks pretty clownish right? However, on the right you can clearly see it’s pretty well blended and has a lovely matte finish. I live for a matte blush in a orange shade. This blended swatch may even still look pretty stark however, it’s on the lightest area of my arm. On my cheeks it’s beautiful. Perfect for an every day look. It looks to have a bit of a sheen to it, however, it doesn’t. I need to correct myself. It’s a demi-matte finish which is perfect in my book. If you have acne prone skin, these are perfect for you. That’s enough of my rambling. The verdict is in.


Thanks for stopping by….until next time BE FABULOUS!


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