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Frugal Find|WetnWild Fergie Velvet Lip Pencils


Hey lovebugs,

Happy New Year to you all. I hope the first couple of days in 2016 have been good to you! I don’t want to ramble do lets get in to this. While going in to the wonderful world of Walgreens, I couldn’t help but notice an abundance of orange sale stickers in the cosmetics department. Naturally, I drifted in that department, after getting my butter of course and browsed to see what was worth the buy. Needless to say I went for butter and spent $25.00 which is a drop in the bucket for most but I’m trying to budget here and live my life right lol.

I will admit, a few of the things I purchased were well worth it and will soon be seen on a screen near you. Sadly, these two pictured above did not make the cut. I’m going to include a hand swatch and give you the low down.


As you can see, I just picked up the two shades that I thought would be the most flattering on my deep skin. Plumgene can be described as a plum shade that is very daytime appropriate and suitable for most skin tones. Fashion Darling is a terracotta brick shade that would be great for daytime wear as well. Now, I will say the colors are beautiful. They even swatch on the hands beautifully. However, upon applying them on my exfoliated lips they we awful. The opacity on my top lip which is pigmented was pretty much non-existent. This was in both shades to be clear. It was literally barely there. I could see the full pigmentation of my lips beneath the color. Now, on to the bottom lip. No! Let me say something nice first. I picked these up for about $1.19. They feel amazing on the lips. They are so very comfortable to wear. I did enjoy that much. Now, back to my rant. When I applied these to my again, freshly exfoliated lips, they kinda balled up and accentuated every single line in my lips. It looked absolutely horrible.

Normally, WetnWild delivers but I don’t know what happened this time. Again, they felt great on the lips. So very comfy and not drying in the least but the finish and look was terrible. I don’t have any lip swatches, no detail on lasting power or anything because I put them on and immediately removed them both because NO! Big ole bowl of No MA’AM! Buyer beware. They are on clearance at Walgreens and perhaps for good reason because these just weren’t it. Please know that I love WetnWild but unfortunately, this one just didn’t do it for me.

The Verdict:



Have you tried these? If so, what was your experience?

Thanks for reading and until next time….BE FABULOUS!!



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