Finding a balance…

Hey babies!

I know, I know…it’s been ages right? I wish I had a great excuse about my absence, but in real life, I don’t. I can say without hesitation that I truly miss blogging. This blog is my first born. I put my time, effort, energy and money into this baby.

So much has happened over the last year and a half. Prior to my departure, I became a mom. It’s hard enough trying to find the balance required to be a working mom, with a family. Trying to maintain the household, raise a well rounded kid, keeping the spark in your relationship and find the time for things I love, i.e. blogging and makeup.

So yeah, you all knew about my little person, Mr. Kai. Well he’s a happy and healthy 2 year old now.

I also, became someone’s wife.

Let’s see…what other changes have I made. My hair has grown out and I’m transition from relaxed to natural. New job is also in the list of changes. So much has gone on but my love of beauty has not wavered.

So many things have happened in the Beauty world and I’ve been here for it all! I have foundations to share *cough* Fenty *cough*. New collabs to discuss. New lip products to swatch and so on. I’m just wondering if you all still care? I took a super long break due to life changes, lack of time, lack of motivation and so on. I’m back though if you all will have me. Who’s still rocking with me?

I’m back and better then ever!


TaNia B.

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