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Hi Loves,

Welcome to my world. I want to first thank you all for dropping by and taking a peek. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is TaNia. I am a 20 something year old female who is from Baltimore, MD. I’m not now nor have I ever been from a fashion capital however I make the most of what I have. This blog is a way for me to vent, share, review, and show the good, the bad, and the ugly of life. I’m a lover of all things fashion and am becoming a make up addict. My passion in life is to simply be better. The best me that I can be and I plan to share the bumps and bruises I get along the way. Soooo with that being said sit back, relax, and enjoy my ride!!!


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36 thoughts on “About TaNia Nicole

  1. Hey TaNia! Just dropped by your blog with WordPress Next and thought I’d say hey to a fellow Baltimorean. Even though I live in Madison, Wisconsin haven’t lived in Baltimore full-time for 3 years, I was born and raised here (and I’m here right now as I type this). I don’t know much about makeup, but I do enjoy products from PUPA Milano (based in Italy) when I have needed to wear makeup in the past, shame that they don’t exist outside Europe/Asia. Check out my blog, I recently posted about Baltimore (www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com) have a great day!


    1. Hello there! It’s really nice to come across someone familiar with my area! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be side to check out that make up line and your blog


  2. Great introduction girl! You not being from a fashion capitol is their loss lol. However, that’s what makes your passion genuine and strong. I forsee great things.


    1. I can’t even express to you how much I appreciate you saying that. Thank so much…I do try to make the best of everything I have regardless of where I live (and it’s a jungle girl)


      1. And you know that saying it’s not where you’re from….. Yes I grew up in NYC, but my problem with NY fashion is that once something comes out you KNOW it cause everybody and their newborn is rocking it. Some people get the idea to branch out but it’s almost like a ritual :/ plus I know a lot of NY’ers who can’t put a outfit together to save their life lol


      2. Girl!!! I can’t I’m more for style then brand. Labels mean pretty much nothing to me. I personally don’t care what the label says as long as it’s fly. People standing in line and waiting all night for some J’s is just CRAZY to me. People love to fake “til they make it which may never happen.


      3. I am not going to lie, I have a large sneaker collection, over 100 BUT I’ve been collecting for years; I am 37 years young. I have not and will not camp out for a sneaker nor will I pay over retail for a pair. My son will inherit every sneaker I have and he’s about to be the size I wear 6.5/7. All this killing and whatnot is all about hype and popularity. Hip-hop and sneakers played a huge part of life growing up, but the love of the game is long gone once these resellers came about and people are being killed for them.


      4. Once upon a time I LOVED a new pair of sneaks and I still have most of the ones that I purchased and this was YEARS ago when I worked at the shoe store. I have a large collection of shoes in general but standing in line to get a new pair is just well not happening! The fact that people are killing one another over something as small as a shoe is disgust me. I wish I had someone to pass on my shoes too because they are literally just collecting dust. No one wears my size 5.5/6 tho :/


      5. i would try to sell them, on your IG or there are FB groups for selling. At least try to recoup some funds.


  3. I’m so glad I stopped by, loving your blog already 😀 Looking forward to seeing more from you *clicks follow*


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