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Blogmas|Give the Gift of Love

This holiday season remember to give the gift of love! It’s free and you never know what it could do for someone.


Meet Kai Tristan

  Hey loves, For those of you wondering where I went again, I had my little one. He joined the world on Sunday September 27th @ 11:25pm on chill mode and my baby has been a blessing ever sense. He weighed 8lbs .09oz! My labor and delivery was crazy and if anyone is interested im… Continue reading Meet Kai Tristan


OOTD: Baby Shower + Candids from the Shower

Hey there, Most of you know that I am expecting my first baby. We recently had our shower which was a complete and total success. We literally have to buy nothing more then clothes and by the grace of God things for my little Kai are still coming. I wanted to share my outfit of… Continue reading OOTD: Baby Shower + Candids from the Shower


Random Rant: Preggo Brain??

Hey loves, I’m sitting here intensely looking high and low for my pen. Yes, my pen. I am so content on using just this one pen and to be clear it’s very basic BIC pen but it writes so well and while at work I use it all day. You all should see me. I’m… Continue reading Random Rant: Preggo Brain??


Bump Watch

Hey loves, I wanted to give you a glimpse into my world. I’m currently 6 months (26 weeks) pregnant. At the time of the photo I was 22 weeks but my belly isn’t much bigger. I’m having a baby boy and King Kai as his dad likes to call him is growing every day. For… Continue reading Bump Watch


Where Have I Been….Expecting the Unexpected

Hey beauties! I know it’s been ages since my last post! Forgive me, as they say sometimes life just happens. In my case, I received the news of a lifetime. In hindsight 2014 was a very big year for me. On my 29th birthday, I became engaged to the love of my life. My mind… Continue reading Where Have I Been….Expecting the Unexpected


The Day a King Was Born|Happy Birthday Dr. King


Happy Birthday Dr. King!signature2015