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It’s My Birthday!!!

OMG!! I couldn’t upload this so it’s late! My birthday was 05/31 😦 So today marks 29 years that I have been gracing this earth with all my awesome pizazz! I’m both thankful and grateful to be able to breath another day! This is a luxury that many aren’t afforded I’m truly blessed and overly… Continue reading It’s My Birthday!!!


Party Time it’s Mommies Bday!

Hey boos! So in light of it being the woman who gave me life’s born day a celebration was in order. We did nothing major but we did step out and I wanted to give you all a peek into my night with mommy.


The Aftermath

Good morning lovies, I’m officially back to the basics! It’s Monday and I’m back to work. I must say turning 28 was by far the best celebration of life yet. I had an amazzzzzing time. So many people showed me love and came out to party with me. Ill post all the random shots. I… Continue reading The Aftermath


Countdown to TDay….♊♊

Heyyyy Lovies, First off Happy Memorial Day! Shout out to all those people who fight for our country! Ok now on to other things…the countdown continues 3 days to go! My 28th is on its way and I’m still not to motivated to do anything at alllll lol. The awkward moment when your name is… Continue reading Countdown to TDay….♊♊