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Blogmas|Gift the Gift of Reflection

Hey there, This baby was actually on my struggle Christmas list. I saw struggle because I had the hardest time telling those who asked what I wanted. I honestly have everything that I need, so it’s very hard.  So anywho, I was watching a YouTube video and someone featured this baby here and immediately I… Continue reading Blogmas|Gift the Gift of Reflection

25 Days of Christmas

Blogmas|Give the Gift of Organization

Hey there, This would light up my Christmas morning. If you are a makeup junkie like me then you know the organization struggle can be real sometimes. Unless of course you have OCD or something and in that case I’m totally jealous. At any rate, this would be an amazing gift. Perfect for someone in… Continue reading Blogmas|Give the Gift of Organization

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Blogmas|Give the Gift of Colors

Source: BH Cosmetics Hey there, Not everyone is our loves are certified make up junkies like we are. Some folks are just starting out and on a budget (like me) and BH Cosmetics is the place to start. Just about every girl starting in make up, started out with a large palette like the one… Continue reading Blogmas|Give the Gift of Colors

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Blogmas|Give the Gift of Relaxation w/Lush

Hey babies, The holiday season can be a bit stressful, especially if you have lots to buy and very little time. The crowds, the lines, and the money can be a bit overwhelming for anyone. With that being said, treat yourself to a nice gift set from Lush Cosmetics! It’s the perfect way to wind… Continue reading Blogmas|Give the Gift of Relaxation w/Lush


Blogmas|Sephora Rewards

Hey babies, Fresh off the VIB/VIB Rouge 20% off sale, followed by the Black Friday $10 sale and Cyber Monday Sale, Sephora is giving us more goodies in the tune of $15-$25  off your $50 or more purchase. Now, this picture only speaks on whats available for the VIB Rouge ($564.00 more to go before… Continue reading Blogmas|Sephora Rewards