What I’m Listening To Vol. 3


Hey Fabbies,

So I’m back with this weekends volume of “What I’m Listening To” and this weeks feature is Miss Ashanti’s album Braveheart.


Credit: Google Ashanti Braveheart search

Doesn’t she just look amazing on this cover? Her eye make up is just….YES!!!

I have been rocking with her since she was singing about being happy!ashanti-o

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What I’m Listening to vol. 2

Hey fabbies, So I’m back with “What I’m Listening To”. This weeks album is an oldie but goodie. The classic album of the self-proclaimed King Bey. Before she was Drunk in Love she was very Dangerously In Love. Miley eat your heart out…the original twerkers!


What I’m Listening To Vol 1

Hey Fabbies, I’m constantly thinking of new things to share with you all and I thought I’d share with you a main album I may have in rotation right now. To be honest I have an Ipod but I rarely use it. Due to my car being a 2006 I don’t have the AUX port… Continue reading What I’m Listening To Vol 1