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A Bag, You Can Borrow, It’s a Steal!!

Good morning lovies, It’s that time again…time for fabulous finds. While over the past few days I have purchased a little of this and a little of that (post on those coming soon) today it was just a simple purse purchase. I have been looking for the perfect nude purse since I first laid eyes… Continue reading A Bag, You Can Borrow, It’s a Steal!!

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Shop-a-Holic 101

Sooo I feel like it’s only right that I start this off with speaking on my first love. Not my boo thang whom I have been with for 6 years, not work because well it’s work, but SHOPPING!! Lovies let me just say that I love to shop! It’s more than likely what I was called to do… Continue reading Shop-a-Holic 101